In the hierarchy of human needs, sex ranks a close third behind food and air. Pornography has always been one of the drivers of technology adoption, and it seems likely that the budding 3D television industry, which quite frankly is in dire need of a problem to solve, might have a savior in the rush to market of the pornographers. Just as it has done previously with new video formats (home players, internet video and internet HD) porn will provide key content to drive the technology adoption, and this one will be 3D, and Penthouse has just begun the first Pan European 3D formatted adult channel – PENTHOUSE 3D, and others will soon follow.

Pornography has always been at the forefront of technology and new and more detailed platforms to deliver its wares – it was one of the primary factors in the superior Beta home video player technology being gazumped by VHS – the porn industry chose VHS and built winning consumer adoption. Video delivery over the internet was also pioneered by the porn industry, so the ever more granular mediums of HD and 3D HD are a natural.

Though I and nearly all of my colleagues at Gizmag are still highly dubious of the benefits of 3D, it's becoming increasingly likely that sport and adult content will be the drivers of purchase for the 3D market once it gets beyond the early adopters.

The channel launch on March 1st, 2011 includes 30 hours of full 3D HD refreshment monthly and will be available on a daily basis from 11:00 pm until 5:00 am (GMT +1) on ASTRA 3B, 23, 5 Degrees East.

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