The answer to this plastic problem is to mandate that corn and other biodegradable crops be used for such products. Problem solved.
Great news. :)
Read 'The Andromeda Strain' by the late, much-missed Michael Crichton.
@LakeeshaGobeatcha7-wow, just wow. So the solution to plastic is to starve the world. The 10% ethanol mandate for fuel has already spiked the price of grain and corn to the point where the poor are unable to afford it. If we mandate good cuppa be wasted on plastic production only the wealthy will be able to afford food. Plastic is so integrated into our lives that this mandate would affect everything, every step of the manufacture and distribution... Everything would double or triple in price. Then there is the fact that there isn't enough arable land in the world to meet the world's demand for plastic based on food crops. So no corn plastic is not the answer to anything.
great!!! and what happens when these little critters get loose and start to attack "good plastic" This may NOT be good, folks!
Sorry but recycling them back into plastic is the key. And can be done just by heating it up some turns it back into moldable/pourable extremely strong plastic or heat it more and turns into it's base components. It is such a strong easy to deal with material I'm surprised more things don't use them as base materials for manufacturing.
Ooh, can we predict a potential 'grey goo' scenario, where these bug genes spread to other bugs in the environment and our plastics begin to disintegrate around us, while in use...?
Edward Vix
Not a good use for foodstuffs like corn (maize). In any case, crops of all kinds use vast amounts of resources like water and energy and degrade the environment in other ways.
Chas Newport
What to do going forward is a different problem and your solution is a good. This clever guy is looking at all the non-biodegradable stuff screwing up our marine ecosystems. Evolution in action. Genius.
@Lakeesha - and who exactly would "mandate" such a thing (disregarding the questionable value of using corn, which sounds nice and makes you feel good but may not be all that much better)? Is there a body that can take a global stance? Would China, for instance, give a hoot as to what the US Congress says?