Joseph Shimandle
Nice, but can it pull the truck full of batteries needed to power it?
I\'m a little confused on the need for this robot.
Article says that this company is \"....tasked with testing clothing that was designed to protect soldiers from chemical weapons...\" and for this reason it has created a robot that can move like a real person.
It\'s this a bit of overkill? Who approves this expense?
You would think that they could do something a whole lot simpler that this to test how chemicals can affect the clothes on a moving person.
With silly programs like this it is no mystery that we piss away so much money for government programs.
I like funding for innovation and research as much as the next guy but this is way out there.
Tony Smale
I\'m the biggest fan of tech ever, but this makes me feel just a tiny bit uneasy. Introducing the soldiers of the future
Martin Pernicka
Almost scary...
Mr Stiffy
It looks creepy - and it lacks softening in it\'s hydraulic circuits.
Too jerky.
Flipider Comm
Denis Klanac
it looks like it should be in in that film clip \"everybody shufflin\"
Miguel Erland
Holy crap... Impressive sh*t... Think 3-5 years from now, and these machines can finally start to replace rescue workers, astronauts(?), even soldiers etc? \"How many killed in road bomb today; zero... However 4 petmen were destroyed...\" And rescue personel digging for survivors after an eartquake could easily lift away 2-300 kg debris vs. humans 50-100 kg\'s... Intriguing thoughts indeed.
Well, what do you know? I have seen the terrifying evil robot from the future....and he\'s a ginger. :)
I have seen this before a few years ago. There was a company selling them for under 300k. I believe the r&d budget was 2M though. Dont forget to add the 3000x human strength. :)