Tom Lee Mullins
I think that is really cool. I would not mind owning one of those.
I think it looks good. Something like it would be great for everyday local use, but that seat does looks comfy, so maybe even a road trip. Sign me up! (Disclaimer: My Camaro's seats looked comfy, but were not good for road trips..some of this was due to the stiffer suspension though.)
Yeah, that is what I need!
Bob Stuart
Range, speed, weight, tilt angle and carrying capacity please. Also, every tilter's most controversial stat: How is the hydraulic tilt system controlled? Humans lack attention, and robots lack foresight. How do they tell if you are turning or doing a fast lane change?
That ding looks cool. The point here again will be the costs. There is so much technic in this thing. Three engines, battery, hydraulics, electronic etc. The other drawback, only for one person.
Shut up and take my money! This is exactly what I need for getting around San Francisco. I don't even need it to go 80mph or 180+ miles. For city driving, 40mph and 30 miles would be sufficient. I've been eagerly following the Lit Motors C-1 for years, but I'm beginning to fear it's vaporware.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
It should be lighter than a non-tilting vehicle because it doesn't need to resist side loads. Won't fall down on ice or when stopped like two wheeler.
El Bonko
Too car-like for my tastes. I just want an electric Piaggio MP3.
Hard to take it seriously without a price. Arcimoto, Elio, Electra Mechanica, and Sondors all quote a price.
I'm sure this will be priced at a point where I will choose not to afford one, and probably won't be available in my country anyway. Otherwise, this is exactly the sort of thing I've been waiting for, for commuting and short-range extra-urban trips.