I find the wires uglier than the poles. Bury the wires, just leave simple poles for the lighting.
Snake Oil Baron
I agree with sunfly.
This might have some good uses but I hope it doesn't discourage the use of buried power cables. On the plus side, it does look like they've taken effort to direct the light downward unlike some which cause light pollution and waste power.
It might work well in places where utility poles are still used. But most American cities that haven't already completely eliminated above-ground utilties are slowly burying electric, fiber optic, cable TV and other lines despite the higher cost.
Mr Stiffy
Asthetics? Yes and no.
Poles yes.
Canterlevered Beam type light fittings hanging off the side of buildings - yes.
More WIRES strung across streets.......... Tis nice to see trees and sky - the wires - Not so much.
Bury the wires and hang the lights from the trees, and buildings.
Eric Gipson
um so what holds the wires up? magic?
Jason Insertlaastnaamehere
so what holds the wires up?
magic? comment Eric D Gipson - April 27, 2012 @ 11:14 pm PDT"
Yes, you still need poles to hold up the wires, so this idea is incredibly stupid.
Most places outside the western world have high tensile power cables/telecom cables strung along the streets therefore they could combine light and power from the same cable infrasructure, if they create a inductance powered led light that would clip onto existing power lines matters would be better still.
The Hoff
Spot on Eric! I don't want this in front of my house. I'd much prefer a slender pole, very skinny on top and the lights molded into the arc.
Peter Kowalchuk-Reid
This isn't all that original of a design, people have been using strings of lamps hung on wires as street lighting for two hundred years They were even used to hang people in the french revolution.