Brian M
Usually (and unfortunately!) have a view on most things but when it comes to Quantum entanglement I defer to the wisdom of Einstein its just too dam 'spooky'!

Spooky or not the fact that something is occurring faster than light and combined that with the mystery of dark matter/energy then its hinting at something being very wrong with our fundamental understanding of the universe.

Be interesting to see whether this less fragility of quantum entanglement will lead to further opportunities to investigate further this spookiness.
Vernon Miles Kerr
One would almost think that, if there is a God, he-she-or-it is trolling us. The deeper we go into physics the more questions arise. This being is probably laughing his-her-or-it's ass off right now.
i'm confused! are more than a pair entangled? that could be useful. or just such as previously found, lots of pairs?
Entanglement can "change our entire understanding of physics". OK Mike what are the alternate theories that scientists think are possible?
Here's the problem I have with this entanglement thing. They say that measuring the state of particle A of an entangled pair will instantly change the state of particle B of that pair. How can they know the state of particle B before and after measuring the state of A, without measuring B's state and thus altering A? It makes no sense.
I guess that means that I understand quantum entanglement, then, because it's not supposed to make sense. But they also say that if you think that you understand it, that means you don't. 😵😵🤪🤪🥴🥴
@sidmehta alternate theories include multiverses and non-linear time off the top of my head.

@CraigAllenCorson time is your answer - measure A first (helps if you send A and B in opposite directions out to mirrors). This whole spooky thing is all based on violations of our assumption that time is linear in one direction, which appears not to be the case. There's plenty of experiments around now that show it is possible to change the past of atoms, even as many as hundreds at once.
One more time!!

I, for one, welcome the mighty Vapor Mind in all its quantum wonderfulness.
Spare me and my parrot, please. Thanks.
@ Brian M: I'm no physicist, however, one potential explanation that pops into my woefully uninformed mind is the possibility the entangled particles existing in a trans-dimensional state. i.e. Their "connection" passes through a higher dimension, not unlike traveling through a wormhole, so in fact no "information" is moving faster than light.

@ notarichman: A "pair" by definition is two. So you have two quantum entangled particles in each pair. Now if I understood the article correctly, previously, studies have show the entangled state to be "fragile"; i.e. they are easily disrupted and the entanglement is "broken". So in the past, by cooling them down to near absolute zero, they did the scientific equivalent of putting them in a room alone so as not to be disturbed. However, this latest study demonstrates that they can exist in much more "crowded" and hotter environments without disrupting their entangled state. This is good news since it opens up the possibilities for usage in a much wider range of situations.

@ CraigAllenCorson: Both particles in an entangled pair *always* do the exact opposite of each other , and they also have "spins" that can be measured and manipulated. So if you know your spinning particle A in a clockwise direction, you can know for certain particle B is rotating in a counter-clockwise direction. So spin A and measure B.

That said, there are many out there who know far more about the subject than I, so if I got any of this wrong, please do chime in.
How do they know that all 15 trillion quantum entangled atoms were indeed entangled??? The claim seems rather incredulous to me.
No thing (nothing) can travel faster than the speed of light. But information is not a physical thing so the law does not apply to information. Thus information has no speed limit.