Is it possible to herd 2000 of these cats, and when they are being herded, are they walking together, or is each cat walking a random path that happens to been the same direction as all the other cats?
This experiment is frightenly reminiscent of some Washington DC politicians who often occupy two distinct (and opposing) positions at the same time.
Djyv Cezile
But I mean on a macro scale, the human existence does seem to have the ability to exist in 2 places in 2 different states of being at the same time though. My physical body can be here in Dallas, TX, interacting with my surroundings, yet my mind can be either in the past, present or future in any location that I have information on; then someone comes and snaps me out of it and everything collapses just like the experiment. This is indeed a very intriguing experiment. The link does seem to be experiences or information, better yet interaction from another force just like us.
John Fike
Beam me up/down, Schrodinger.
Anthony - it depends. Are the cats duct taped together? :-p
Experienced a similar situation using a German 35mm camera by placing an index card over half of the lens. Still received and developed a full image. This story of quantum mechanics and string theory have had my interest for many years. My mind still does not accept things like: "It is changed if you observe it." I am comfortable in my own field - Organic Chemistry/Chemical Engineering where I have doctorates including a Masters specializing in Thixotrophy.
The beginning of matter transportation? 'Switch' something to exist in two places, its existing, and another, then 'switch off' the existing and it's somewhere else. Fixing the somewhere else may be the real problem.
2,000 bit instantaneous communication:) I like it:)
Quantum physics defies common sense yet the theory produces predictable results at accuracies that are mind blowing! There truly is something "spooky" going on in physics!
Gregg Eshelman
Unfortunately it is rather more difficult to launch cats (even Schrödinger’s) at a double slit experiment to see if one cat at a time makes an interference pattern.