My grandfather once told me, "only worry about the things that you can change, not the ones you can't." Seems to me the world has a lot more pressing problems to solve right now. If we continue down the course we are on now we can't hope to survive, Stop spending money and resources on something we can't change much less explain and put all that brain power into solving real problems. How about a DNA modification that makes the skin of all humans one uniform color, now that would be a change worth looking into!
This is a GREAT article, thank you. I feel like this is the first time it has been summed up so well for me.
Direct evidence for an accelerating Universe came from observations of type Ia supernovae by the High-Z Supernova Search Team (Riess et al. 1998) and by the Supernova Cosmology Project team (Perlmutter et al. 1999).

Their research showed that remote supernovae are 10% to 25% dimmer and therefore further away than expected as compared to the nearby (local) supernovae.

Standard luminosities of type Ia supernovae helped the researchers to determine their distances, while the observed redshifts provided an estimate of their recession velocities – the relation between redshift and distance helped the researchers to determine the expansion rate (km/s/Mpc) of the Universe.

Remote measurement yields an expansion rate of 46 km/s/Mpc (Blanchard et al. 2003) which is much lower than the local measurement of 72 km/s/Mpc by the Hubble Key Project (Freedman et al.).

The expansion rate (km/s/Mpc) for remote supernovae is lower than the expansion rate for local supernovae, therefore, we say that the Universe is accelerating now and had a slower expansion in the past.

Working on research made me analyse the data. The peer-reviewed paper presents a novel interpretation of the redshift-distance relationship of observed supernovae as reported by the scientific reviewer of one of the most prestigious astronomy journals.

I believe accelerating Universe is a surprising discovery due to an undiscovered aspect.
Lamar Havard
If galaxies can move away fast enough to become invisible, maybe expansion acceleration is the reason around 800 known stars have vanished in the past few years. There HAVE been observances of stars and planets zooming independently through space...some at extreme speeds.
Excellent article, Mr. Irving. Thank you very much.
The reason you can't understand or explain the expansion of the universe is quite simple, you have no idea about the real nature of the universe. I believe Einstein understood but was either too wrapped up in his own mathematical fog or was too scared of criticism from the Scientific community to voice the truth about the true nature of the Universe.
Jerome Morley Larson Sr eAIA
TIME is the force called dark energy — TIME causes the atom to spin else it would not exist — the enormous spin causes the atom to expand from centrifical force — TIME itself must be constantly accelerating in order to exist so the atom is constantly accelerating — big stuff, ike Earth, expands faster than small stuff, like me, so I feel a push under my feet called gravity — TIME is pushing upon all objects in space from all directions at once, obviously — this causes a shadow of the pushing force between the objects that creates an attraction between them variable as to size, distance and speed —we also call that attraction gravity — confirmation is that we see the universe expanding AND that all objects, regardless of size and mass, "fall" at the same speed — but they are actually staying in the same place while the planet rises up to eet them — we call that falling the same that we say the sun sets or rises; just a convenient way to describe the phenomena — TIME is absurdly simple; just like all of creation = KISS. It is included in Einstein's equation as the speed of lignt, of course.
Wishing Titles
You probably already have the answer, i would love to hear it but have we asked ourselves; from the big bang theory what caused the universe to be so stable to provide life yet unstable.
If the stars of each galaxy are consuming their own hydrogen to form helium and other elements due to fusion, it would seem logical that their mass would decrease by general expansion, decreasing their gravitational attractions and lessening their attraction for other stars and galaxies, causing them to pull apart. The question also is whether the stars in our own galaxy are moving apart, is it just between other galaxies and is the Milky Way also included in this general expansion? Since our own galaxy is also moving in space, and we use it as a reference point as if it were static, no wonder we can't make head or tail out of this...
I don't know why scientist are so myopic and why they don't realise that the universe is NOT IN FACT
EXPANDING but it is Galaxy that is spinning a lot faster as it ages! A younger galaxy spins really slow
much like a spiral and as it ages it flattens to a disk as it starts to spin faster and this is what is happening now! And what with gravity being an inertia dampener to everyone's awareness of motion so
it appears THAT the universe is expanding even though it is NOT EXPANDING (perception is sciences Achilles heel) what you see is NOT what you see in space, because of THE distortions of space-time!!
Space is rather liken to a rubber sheet AND not like a board laid out flat it twists and turns!!!