Michael Mantion
Great con.. I mean go big or go home. I really needed a laugh today.. TY.
Chris Edwards
really? a "con" if you believe that this is just fake. then you are a very weak minded individual. just because its in all our sci-fi today, doesn't make it any less possible. 20 years ago people would have said we were crazy for thinking about portable wireless networked touch based electronics..... and that was in our own lifetime.
everything we ever create is nothing more than some crazy guys crazy sci-fi idea... Until we build it.
oh well, not my place to educate the ignorant.
"The earth is simply too small and fragile a basket for the human race to keep all its eggs in." Aurthur C Clarke.
This will be a great first step to getting out amongst the stars. If we get enough manufacturing out there, we won't have to keep sending up rockets.
Michael Mantion
Chris Edwards it is entirely possible but will not be profitable. This company will never mine an gram of resources and return it to earth.. I doubt they will even get anything into space. Its a con. It would take a trillion dollars maybe more to do what they are suggesting.
I am sure they can mine. But its still ILLEGAL! Read the international law. Any and all bodies of the solar system are only allowed for science not for mining or claiming as territory. First step is having the law changed.. But that wont happen as US thinks the law don't apply to them, but if the Chinese did the same thing they go to war over it. IF one does things the right way and take time its not Too expensive to mine asteroids.
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
These asteroids are huge treasure boxes moving in space. No doubt precious metals have a big role in our lives, from electronics, to industrial catalysts and research, this will be a big game changer.
As for consumers. Imagine significant price drops in electronics from when we used to have scarcity of precious metals that were used in it, to abundance.
No doubt disputes over the ownership of these asteroids will follow as more corporations follow the same path.
If all goes right, this will be a big deal.
Dave Andrews
I love that last post. Illegal. That's ridiculous. As if the governments of the world can claim the entire solar system as their "just because." Give me a break!
Just as with ALL land throughout history, whoever gets there first can claim it. If someone else wants it, they'll try to take it. Every nation in the world was founded that way.
For anyone to say you're "allowed" or "not allowed" to do something in space is just ludicrous.
"No one can mine anything because you're not sharing it equally with everyone!" Really? Wah, wah! The ones who take the extreme risks with their lives, reputation and/or money deserve whatever they can get out of this.
More power to 'em...
@Swedish_inventor who has the right to place laws anywhere in the solar system we haven't even stepped foot on? That doesn't make sense. The Moon, Mars, and maybe Venus may be an acception because we have government/nasa equipment.
Other than laws in the sky, I say go for it. If not now, than within the next 100 years. We will need to develop a faster means of space travel for it to become more profitable.
Hmm. Let's send up say a 703 ton Proton-M, rocket to recover say an asteroid that's say 700 pound rock. "Well done sir!"
This is pretty exciting. Interestingly, the more raw materials this company brings back to earth, the lower their potential total profitability since the high prices of these materials is largely due to their scarcity on earth. Increasing supply will decrease the spot market value of these materials. So basing their potential earnings (such as $50Trillion/asteroid) on current commodity prices is really misleading.