I seem to remember a pool that was created using a barge somewhere, so this doesn\'t seem so original, though the shape is different.
Hamish Robertson
That\'s such a great idea. It makes use of an existing resource in a novel way and provides a healthy and fun activity for community. It also looks great and is sure to become a tourist attraction as well.
It\'s a perception of pollution? You\'ve obviously never walked anywhere near the East River. The stench is often unbearable.
This idea is a non-starter. What keeps pollutants out will also keep pollutants in, unless you make everyone shower before jumping in.
So how is it anchored or held in place with the current and all?
The Pool is so cool and i want to swim in it! lap pool
Martin Rayner
We would need some sort of heating of the water for people to risk getting into an English Lake District lake.
Robert Guimont
Since the wall are permeable, I would suspect the water can flow both in and out so that there would be a constant water exchange to \"refresh\" the pool water.
@Gadgeteer Yeah, I\'m sure the people who designed this never considered something as basic as filtration and chlorination. Way to keep an open mind...
Zach Stein
What I\'m worried about here isn\'t so much the bacteria and oils, but more so the dissolved organic pollutants known to be in the rivers around NY. Your benzene, artificial hormones and other nasties...
Daliya Robson
looks great.