Nice looking, Very slow, Would like to see a small dashboard with things like a speedometer, maybe a little radio. I didn't see any vents or way to open or take off canopy for rides. Without some kind of fresh air - I think someone would be very hot in the summer.
With such streamlined design, the top speed is ridicule. For 25km/h you don't need 4 wheels and aerodynamic car bodywork.
Tom Swift
quick estimate is 12% of your pedal power input is lost in the generator and motor.
Surely 40 or 50 km/h would be a more appropriate top speed for a vehicle with the engineering input this one has had. Why capture the pedal power only to transport the user slower than if they were on a bicycle?
plenty of range for a 3 season commuter, scrap the pedals for flexible solar panels instead, pedalling provides negligible power and no incentive other than charging, it won't increase speed. Agree with others about canopy and wheels too. Make it 3 wheels with tilt steering, reduce clear canopy area to reduce solar gain and vaporware with canopy, pictures show two men opening canopy for rider? Where do you stash the men when you ride? I'm still waiting for the perfect velo...
The 25km/h limit is bec of regulations - to go as a bike- no need for licence - can go in parks - pavements - regulated forests etc - its legally a bicycle and thats give lots of advantages. Many special lanes etc. You can pedall it as fast as you can manage - 120km/h if you can - but then the electric assist wont work its the human power. The electric power will not work without pedalling - thats also rules - and max push it to 25. It has many possibilities for ventilation and can even go as a roadster.
Great looking 'bike' !
America should change 'bicycle' regulations to allow 4-wheel eBike if speed is limited to 25 km/h.
Bone Machine
$6,300 will buy a decent used car or a lot of Uber rides. Lose the expensive molded plastic and replace it with canvas. As one poster stated, it doesn't require an aerodynamic shape because of the low speed. So, square the body and make it easier to manufacture. Build it for Fred Flintstone rather than George Jetson. Get the price under $2K and watch the sales increase.
TomKvalvagnes: you cannot pedal it as you can, because there's no direct transmission, the energy goes into battery first. So the sluggish slowness of this vehicle uttermost limit.
Fast and light road bike (optionally with electric conversion) is by my opinion far better solution for eco commuting.
Wow, a 21st Century copy of the legenday Sinclair C5, with windshield now, cheap 6.000 US$ 2018 vs. expensive 2.000 US$ 1985.... what can go wrong? I loved my C5, we used it as "personal carrier" at our University campus and buildings, Very nice, died 1989!