This is the best looking enclosed quad-bike for commuting I have ever seen. Very well thought-out and totally awesome!!! I'd buy one for $3,000 tomorrow if it were in the USA and I could probably register it as a N.E.V. to bump the speeds up to 25 MPH. Love it
I really like the concept.
I would buy one.
It's worth noting that in many jurisdictions, a four-wheel vehicle that doesn't meet the car, low-speed vehicle (US), or quadricycle (Europe) regulations is treated as an illegal car, not a bicycle. (Also, calling vehicles like these, or the Veemo, "velomobiles" is controversial among some velomobile fans - an idea I had, that actually comes from both velomobile and recumbent history, is to call vehicles like this velocars - many modern recumbents (via the Vélo-Vélocar, which was a long-wheelbase recumbent bicycle), and all modern velomobiles, can consider the Mochet Vélocar as an ancestor, but the Vélocar was specifically trying to be a human-powered car.)
Tom Lee Mullins
I think that is really neat. It would be great for gated communities and going around downtown areas where the speed limit is low.
Bob Flint
This hits all the right points, well done, I hope the ridiculous legislation does not deter from fully developing this vehicle, yes safety is an issue and were you actually drive it. Unfortunately in most North American roads, it has great appeal however it maybe used at risk sitting in between a bicycle, and not really a car regardless of how many wheels it has. BTW love the studded tires, mini heater and ice donuts....
Love the wiper.
Air bags?
Getting more attractive even though this one still has a clown car sort of vibe. At least the price is actually within a reasonable range! I would like to see a hard skin reinforced by foam crash bar/shell to improve impact resistance within a tolerable increase in weight. Even though riders are careful enough there are simply too many motor vehicle drivers that are dangerous, hostile, and inconsiderate.
David A Galler
It certainly is cute.