Another delight for the boy racers in all of us. Other than looking pretty, what is the point of this monster gas guzzler in the light of heavy traffic congestion and $4/gallon (USD) fuel prices? Last time I could drive 150mph on the public highway was in 1974 (last century). The ONLY true sports vehicle for the motoring enthusiast these days is a motorcycle. IMHO these and all other high horsepower vehicles should be heavily taxed based on power, and do it every year. Pete, in Tacoma WA USA
Victor McDermott
I\'m not a hysterical warmist so I\'ll take one :) I live for the $4 gallon, here in the UK we are already paying 1.40 GBP A LITRE I like bikes but they have poorly functioning glove compartments. I can\'t be taxed any more or I\'ll have to Pay to Earn not pay as you earn :(
Allen Miller
What is wrong with you Peder--we have seen what your liberal confederates have done to this country with this keep taxing mentality. If a guy wants to buy a car that goes this fast and he has earned the right of buying it by hard work. He should be praised, as he should....Taxed for power...Who are these people...Oh yea they bought smart cars and are pissed, that I run past them with my Shelby....Just stay in the slow lane and out of our way as we blow buy. What I would pay taxes for is a fast lane ala autobaun that I can speed the car.....
Well, here in Vancouver, Canada, yesterday I paid $1.54 a litre for premium... Get used to it - $2.00 a litre this year for sure - a litre is .26 gallons US, so 4 litres to the gallon = $6.00 a gallon for gasoline! But, that doesn\'t matter for any Porschephile - the car is without doubt, one of the best you can buy for any money - I know several Porsche owners who went to the dark side of Italian sportscars, only to return to Porsche after a brief fling with those alluring Italian sweethearts - Why? - because in the real world that we drive in every day, only the Porsche can give you such Wolrd-beating quality, durability, daily drivebility and deep pride of ownership... Let\'s face it, current Porsches are the best all around sports cars ever built!
Peder- I have never in my life posted anything on any website ever, until now. \"these and all other high horsepower vehicles should be heavily taxed based on power, and do it every year.\" While I respect your opinion, I completely disagree. Don\'t you pay attention to fuel prices? THEY INCLUDE TAX! That means every time someone drives one of these vehicles, they pay for it. The fact that higher horsepower vehicles usually consume more fuel means the owner pays for it every time they use the right pedal. You also mention a yearly fee. That is also included already. It\'s called Vehicle Registration tags. The more expensive your vehicle, the more expensive your tags, again, paid yearly. So what, now you want them to be taxed MORE? I got a tune for ya... \"Heeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy jealousyyyyyyyyyyy\"
Isn\'t it wonderful to see a 300lb. fat cat driving a car that costs him $100k to save him 55lbs. -that he could save if he would just diet. I love seeing them wasting their money servicing their own vanity!
Mr Stiffy
Everyone makes the ores. Everyone makes the metals and materials. Everyone builds the gas guzzlers. Everyone busts their arses making profit from making pollution in the process. Then they get to buy and drive the gas guzzler cars. Every magazine runs the stories to get the readership to push the advertising to make the money. As life collapses in the oceans, through acidification. As the polar ice caps melt. As people die from the pollution in the air, the sea, the land and the food; Everyone says, \"It\'s not my problem and why doesn\'t the government do something about it. Kudos to a magazine that promotes life.
Mike Donovan
another pointless car for rich people
plus1 Mr Stiffy. I'm horse power whore from right foot to rear wheels, but what most people still fail to grasp is we could be risking our children's future by poisoning their world. Even the childless will need some one to attend to Mr Stiffy's "to do" list for the mindless masses. That's why taxes must be levied on CO2. Because Victor and Allen may not be conducting themselves in an environmentally responsible manner. But Vic and Al, i'd love to be wrong.
These manufacturers trying their outmost best to make a car desireable enough so they find... 1- 2 buyers. You will be ruining your children\' s future if you DO buy this car, not for the CO2 emmissions but cause you would have spent the entire family fortune to get it.