Craig King
Fantastic vision and engineering. Well done SHELL for keeping the world supplied with much needed energy.
too bad shell didn't have it built in the usa. but then, can we even make a ship like that anymore???
Ken Buckley
I would like to take a tour of this ship
AMAZING engineering and construction project. GO HUMANS, GO!!!
uugghhh natural gas... That and I don't know if everyone's noticed how much attention they adhere to current standards and practices with current platforms. This is their way of eliminating the middle man (on-shore/off-shore) refineries to increase their profit margin. I will never be surprised by the greed-driven innovations they develop and feed to us as if it it will have any affect at all on anyone's pocket-books, but their own. They want more money, that's it. You're an idiot if you believe any innovation a corporation comes up with isn't to isn't profit margin.
Just wait, I can see in the headlines already, the name of this refinery/ships' name in the headlines accompanied by some disaster due to negligence.
I'm starting to think almost no one understands units of energy. In the video it says: "Each year Prelude will produce enough liquid natural gas to meet the needs of a city the size of Hong Kong." The energy requirements of a city are ongoing and can be measured in units of power like megawatts. The energy the Prelude can harvest in a year is a fixed chunk of energy. This statement is like saying my car produces 300 horsepower per year. It's nonsensical and I keep hearing from articles where the writers should know better!
Keith Reeder
"too bad shell didn't have it built in the usa"
Why on earth would it do that? Shell is an ANGLO- DUTCH company.
If the onshore hub at James Price point had been constructed we wouldn't need this kind of floating trash, and the engineering would be even more impressive. Unfortunately competing bands of "traditional owners" got hopelessly confused about who was more traditional. This equipment is a demonstration of how to bypass environmentalists by avoiding their habitat. Expect this ship to be harassed by Greenpeace like no other.
The Skud
Just think - One of these ships, a few I/C fuel supply conversions (already proven technology) and the farce that is hydrogen power for cars would disappear.
@ Keith Reeder
Because we Americans, as a group, are too lazy to do some simple research before making a statement. We see a Shell filling station on the corner and automatically assume that it is a purely American company, even when we see no other aspect of the company within our borders.