Paul Hutchinson
two thoughts. * it\'s tiny... never had a bed that small since I was 16 * expensive... a pop-up tent that size is much cheaper
... I think I\'d rather just hang a sheet down from the ceiling.
Allen Lumley
- just relabel it as a portable cabana , it\'ll sell !
200 bucks for a sheet cut into holes?
u gotta be kidding me ...
It is awfully expensive for what it does.
Anyone remember the four poster bed, with curtains? Quite easy to make, using tent poles for the frame, and curtain rings (actually, as in hospitals)
Carlos Grados
If they were to put lights in it and sell it on tv (with two for one deals) they could sell them. They could also throw in a bug screen feature.
I am in college and share a room with 1 other roommate, so I decided to by a privacy pop because i needed some privacy. All i can say is this product is worth the money!! It isn\'t just a \"sheet.\" the material is so nice and thick that it blocks out any light, which helps me sleep better and I am not bothered by her computer light at night. I can stay up and finish a paper in my bed because I know i wont distract her.
Dennis Caelian
$200 is not a bad price.
c w
I don\'t think I can see how this won\'t result in embarrassing pics/videos.
That said, I want one. And I have my own room.
Kevin Brown
Depending on how well made this is - this product could be the best defense against bedbugs.