Bill Bennett
must be why I use wos on my palm and hp tablet,, and yes I still get laid
A week or 3 back, everyone in my house (4 different people) had their apple ID accounts \"blocked\" - is it just us, or has apple done a customer-wide lockout of some customers? (possibly everyone who chose dumb passwords, or maybe apple got hit with a dictionary attack similar to sony, but hasn\'t confessed?)
Frank Woolf
I don\'t understand how people can lose all their contacts, messages, apps, photos, etc when everything should be back up on their computer. Connecting to the computer and clicking Synch in iTunes should put everything back.
Bruce Sherman
Frank, I can only guess that people didn\'t do a sync with their phones before installing the new OS and may have lost some non synched info. Not a smart move in any case. Hopefully these troubles will be brief.
Nigel Cammack
I have literally been trying to update my phone since 11:15 pm the night iOS was released. For over 48 hours now I have been starting and stopping the update due to it not moving past around 4% of the backup process. I backed my phone up again today to see if it would speed up the process but it has not worked. I have called 1800MYIPHONE twice and spoken to two people who have been helpful but we can\'t seem to get anything solved. It just seems that it wants to do nothing but backup. I know the servers have been slemmed but my phone has literally spent a minimum of five hours plgged in at a time to update and nothing. I plugged it in again last night for the fourth time at 12:15 am and woke up at 8 with just that 4%. Left it plugged in until noon and no further movement. If anyone has any ideas please help. I have not recieved a single error message or lost any data at this point. It just won\'t dp anything. Thanks for the ideas if you have any.
1. Sync/backup your phone FIRST.
2. Apple recommends rebooting after installing new iTunes & Lion updates. Disconnecting other USB equipment. Turning off security, etc.
3. Be very, very careful signing up for iCloud. This will likely be a \'no\' if you have MobileMe. Really wish they had explained that first before you update.
4. Be prepared to lose all of your mail. Maybe I\'m doing something wrong in my iTunes set-up?
5. I eventually did the install off a HD equipped with OSX 10.6. This creates other problems.
6. Outgoing mail didn\'t work. Had to go back into Settings and re-enter the server and password.
James Davis
Having the phone require a factory reset doesn\'t constitute a \"bricked\" phone, at least not where I am from. A bricked phone means that it is dead to the world, gone and never coming back, hence only good to be used as a brick. This is the term mostly used when people are messing around with firmware tweaks/hacks/etc. that leave the phone completely devoid of any chance of functioning again (not that it requires a simple reset to work normally...)
Exactly, Frank.
People who like to save time by skipping obvious precautions also tend to whine when they have to face the consequences of that decision.
The backup takes a little time, but it can save you a lot of grief...not to mention sparing everyone else having to hear about it. :)
In my experience doing the sort of major system upgrade that appears to be going on here wipes the phone completely. So just plugging it back in just isn't enough to get the results you require. It's not just like downloading an app or a normal update. It Appears to be a once in a lifetime event for a phone. It seems to be just the same as having a brand new phone that has no association to your computer just like pugging a friends phone into your computer
I'm specifically addressing Frank's observation. I am willing to be corrected her so please feel free.
Before you do the upgrade do a major back up which means plugging in the phone going to device in the iTunes window (below Devices), Control-click the device, and then select "Back up". Once this is done It's always good to encrypt the back up.
Then go about downloading and updating the phone. At some stage one of the options will offer the restore from backup, and this is the one to take.
I know this wont rectify everyones issues with the phone and I may be way off the mark, so if I am let me know and if it helps also let me know
Craig Wolfenden
My phone is now bricked after trying to update again!! That is every update I have tried to apply to my phone - why bother you may ask, I wanted to try the new iColoud App. 50% of your friends have had a bricked phone, I thought Apple were industry leaders, but can\'t get a simple update program to work for ALL there major devices.