Patrick Luppi
Annoter step to true clean energy. Well done. P
So exciting!
I`m afraid I`m something of a cynic, I gotta feeling this will be the last time we see anything more about this.
Let us hope that this technique proves to be scalable and inexpensive, so that it can soon begin to be applied to the mountains of waste we produce....
Andrei Badescu
THIS IS GREAT! Funny part is that when I was a school boy (early sixties), I imagined such a system to produce a breathable oxygen/hydrogen to be used for scuba diving.. Of course, I had (and still have not) any idea if the mixture is breathable, but had concerns about having H2 and O together, thinking they might explode spontaneously... I had found out about \"concentration electric batteries\" from the French \"Science et Vie\"...
Mark Hutchinson
It seems jackmeister, that you were right. I couldn\'t find any mention of this in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences publication (dated 19th September!). It\'s already gone!
Interesting - long distance liveaboard, cruising or racing sailors could provide a stream of \'technology demonstrators\'. The organic waste produced by people living aboard a boat, plus the salt water environment would require just a little fresh water - stored or caught in rainfall/dew - as inputs.
Less waste dumped in the seas, less fossil fuel consumed on the boats ( many thousands of these ) and hydrogen for power and light...?
I\'d like to see it.
Interesting research and apparently with almost unimaginable potential. The questions that are not answered by this article are: (1) Is it scalable (2) How long is it likely to be before this technology could be applied on a commercial level?
Incidentally, what is the relevance of Image No 3?
Renārs Grebežs
\"While Logan and Kim used platinum as the catalyst on the cathode in their initial experiments, subsequent experimentation showed that a non-precious metal catalyst, molybdenum sulfide, had 51 percent energy efficiency.\"
Does this mean that molybdenum sulfide makes just 51% of what platinum makes or is it something different altogether?
Breakthrough?? Doubtful that it will happen large-scale, cuz of my new \'Anderson\'s Rule\' : \"It takes 100+ alleged \'breakthroughs\' to have one real product come to market\"