Looks interesting and seems to have decent brakes. To broaden the appeal they should option it to take those butane stove 'aerosol' cans which could be bought and thrown away during transit.
I think that is a cool and green idea.
I agree with Ozuzi idea. It would make it useable when camping or other places where one can easily get those 'aerosol' cans.
I'm not sure what canisters Ozuzi is referring to. When I went to the kickstarter page they state that this scooter uses one of these: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Coleman-Propane-Fuel-16.4-oz/20923696 so would meet the criteria he specified of easy to obtain and disposable. Even if not using the coleman brand this is a very common cylinder type so most stores have them if they have sports or camping stuff at all.
Jeff Michelson
Neat scooter. Funny video. I'm pretty sure the Chassid isn't interested in the Shicksas though.
This is cute but should not be confused with clean energy. There is little chance that it could ever be powered by renewable energy, so it's just one more source of CO2 - the problem that has got us into our climate mess. An electric scooter would be a far more responsible choice - and quieter.
Propane as a heat source (whether camping or residential) is more defensible since as a heat source it is >90% efficient. Run through an internal combustion engine 70% of the energy is wasted.
Jay Finke
LP is less powerful than gasoline, and requires a bunch of it to do the job, hence the tank will freeze,dropping the line pressure, reducing performance. making a already dangerous vehicle, even more dangerous (if that's possible) anybody that's drove one of these knows, It needs to run perfectly, or a dirt sandwich is in your future ! Now anybody in the know can see that the tank is on its side and the fuel delivery is not going to be even, and if this vehicle did work, my guess is 10mph for about 10 minutes (and that's going downhill leaning to the right so as to get liquid out of the bottle) And how is it (pictured) a 2 stoke when this idea will only work with a 4 stroke motor. Classic "It looked good on paper" Duh. And the tanks are throw away, you can argue that with the DOT. they have the final say on that issue.
Awesome idea for short commuters like me that don't want mountain bike or some crummy electric "scooter".
I would recommend that you consider also including a second tank holder for a spare. Would hate to carry a second tank in my backpack all the time. Would really suck to run out of propane and not have a spare with you.
Great idea though... love it.
> Of course, propane isn't a completely green fuel
If "green = renewable", then it's not green *at all*.
Re: Jay Finke On all propane forklifts (USA) the canister is laid sideways. Its a industry norm, if it wasn't practical they wouldn't do it. I own a 49cc two-stroke of this ubiquitous design. It is unsafe therefore fun to ride & similar to a skateboard. Anticipation and keeping your weight on the back leg helps to slow down/stop. This has been done for years with autos especially on the farm. Vehicle engine lasts longer due to no deposits and oil lasts due to lack of cross contamination in the cylinder. It needs a rack to stack cans inline for an extended ride
Propane does not have a higher energy density by volume than gasoline. It is only about 75%.