Stewart Mitchell
the ultimate technology would be a city air ship. The clipper ship that Verne invented is coming soon. Edgar Cayce talked about massive air vehicles.
I worry about her stability in a storm.
Am I really the only one expecting to see Kurt Juergens and Sean Connery in a battle evil mastermind versus secret agent on the deck of this thing? My memory of the movie may be deceiving me, but I distinctly remember a simillar construction in that movie (though it was submersible...).
Jason Holman
They do know that \"Utopia\" means \"no place\"? A bad omen....
Facebook User
this thing should be equipped to provide it\'s own power with a wind and subsurface water current turbine creating electricity. then it could be a micro nation pirate server uploading pirated data via satellite.
it could also provide private blackwater style mercenary naval security for anyone within a hundred mile radius sending a distress call. send the high speed umanned drones out from the ship to stop any aggression on the seas.
lastly, it would make a fine astronomical observatory as it is far from light pollution.
----so many possibilities!.
Gizmag-- you forgot to include the \'Lilypad floating city concept\' which you also featured at one time, and which I think is the most appealing of these \'floating cities\'--all of which btw, I seriously doubt will ever see the light of day IMHO.
That design is unstable, but it could be the most modern \'unsinkable\' ship in the world. One rogue wave and it\'s gone.
Thoughtfully or Thoughtless?
Interesting but, I certainly wouldn\'t want to be anywhere below deck 7, I\'d be traveling under water.... at about 1-2 knots.... I might as well learn to walk on water, I\'d be faster.
Mr Stiffy
More pie in the sky - vapor construction.
Kirill Belousov
Titanic #2 8)))