I noticed that they didn't mention range.
The Skud
You would look very strange taxiing along the freeway to find a recharging station when you misjudge the range left in your batteries and realise you are too far from the airport! Nevertheless, still pretty cool.
Add a small-efficient gas motor and some Li-On batteries and you have range and simplicity......
Neil Paisnel
It says it recharges while on the ground using the windmiling of the props. Wonder if that mode can be 'engaged' during a glide descent.
OK so unlikely to increase range to any worthwhile degree, but could be utilised to provide a 'power assisted' landing by putting a little back in to the batteries after a glide descent if it were to be flown till the pack died.
Thinking about it, one would hope this is a built-in automatic function, to provide power to the systems, even with no battery connected or a battery that did die in flight. Guessing they are not using the same battery chemistry as Boeing ?
Rocky Stefano
Range - 5 miles
If you look reeeeeaaaaalllly closely at the area by the canopy, it says "Batteries not included"...
Nothing eats energy like vertical flying. Imagine pushing a car by hand. Then imagine how much energy you need if you get under the car and lift it! These blades are small and require high RPM. They are asking a lot from electricity. Sometimes you just have to choose which way to go.

Certainly not how I'd do one. Far more easy is a tilt wing and a lot less plane/weight.
I doubt that tail from the single pic has much effect below 100mph and even then marginal.
They better cross drive as lose an engine and it won't be pretty how fast it would go into a high speed spin.
EV helicopters done right with say 2 12' counter rotating fixed rotors and controled by a stick that tilts the rotor forward, etc, is simple, light, easy to fly, stable and wouid have about a 30 minute, 30 mile range or better on todays tech. Versions have been on this blog before as an ultralight I believe.
It's the only eff, small VTOL that might actually make production. And talk about a great cummuting vehicle!!
A project looking for a microwave beam generator for inflight recharging.
BigGoofyGuy They have fuel cells for aviation. Perhaps it could be used in this one to extend the range?
I think it is a neat design.