Finally an honest review of VR! It just isn't there yet. Even on PC with a high end system and a much better VR setup, it still isn't ready. The resolution isn't high enough which totally breaks the immersion, The gear is also expensive and to push those frames you need a decent pc. Wait it out for version 2 retail of everything in VR world, Hopefully by then a lot of issues will be resolved including the price.
Imran Sheikh
Wow.. Thats so Rude.. You could have made it less harsh, also the comparision of controller with a x-toy needs moderation.
Where were your comments YEARS ago... about the Analog Thumbsticks? Thesre are barely able to be considered Analog.. due to a users poor ability to control them accurately. Really.. whom can use these in a game like GTA 5 , without the auto-aim function?! The thumb is the most clumsy of digits... and then.. you make it worse, with poor spring systems... that cause major problems in the dead center area .. (forcing a needed dead-zone) .. and once past that zone.. its like slipping on ice... easily over-throwing the intended area. But this is what you Gamers allowed. Nobody was voicing their harsh opinions, when they Should have. As a result.. game designers have had to Dumb down their games... making them less challenging.. to allow for the shitty controller issues. And because nobody was complaining... they just kept repeating the same shitty formula, over and over again. So why do you think it would change.. with the Move Dildos?! Lets be Real here. You, like most... have not spoke up with the controller issues, because they were most often bundled with the machine. And, they were all that you knew... AND... the programmers already had to deduce their game to rubble.. to deal with the lackings of the controller. But here... you are paying Extra money for a controller and hardware set... and Now... and ONLY Now... you finally have a voice of discontent. Meanwhile... there has not been a challenging game that actually makes you go into an Adrenalin rush... since the 80s - 90s... on 2d games, or in actual arcade machines.. that used long handle, high resolution analog controllers. Ohh, yeah, high resolution analog control Can be made in mini form.. but not the way they have served it to you! Which is why I have had little to no reason to buy any console past the PS1. I even sold the PS1, after I had enough fun with Ridge Racer. And the only reason I ever picked up a PS2 used.. was to play Guitar Hero. I certainly dont care much for 1st and 3rd person perspective games.. partially because of the lack of challenge, and partially because they lack depth... so you cant get any decent immersion nor tell how far things are away, further cause even more control issues. Stereoscopic 3d changes this.. making the world far more immersive (Ive used older lcd shutter-glasses.. and they were cool) ... and far more interesting to me. But... without precision controllers... and a dedicated software base, rather than conversions that work either or... then you will never get a dime from me. Games need to return to their roots. Great fast action and Adrenalin. Mario 2d games will still out-sell most all other games on the market.. by a LANDSLIDE.. because its more fun and challenging. It has nothing to do with Nostalgia, the graphical look, or anything like that. And while many people did like the 3d marios.. to a degree... most people prefer the 2d plane mario games. Thats because its too easy to walk around and away from danger.. in the 3d plane style games. While this Could be repaired.. in some ways.. it would require completely different high precision controllers.
You need to work on the lighting where you are playing. I have zero shaking issues. Your controllers are shaking because of light interference. Fix your set up. A little research would fix this problem.
Honestly I've had few issues with tracking on the move controllers. Perhaps your room lightening wasn't ideal? My only complaint is that the resolution could be better. They are making a $200 profit, they could have spent $100 on a nicer screen and made $100 profit, and more people would be impressed.
I'm not sure if you have a faulty unit or what, but I've been playing around with it for the past few days and love it. The ones that require, or allow, move controllers are the best. Even something more simple like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is very enjoyable and immersive with the motion controls. Overall it was surprisingly accurate too. I honestly expected it to be harder to aim at a distance or use iron sights, but the move controllers were near perfect.
Too much cussing. Anyway, there's an inconsistency somehow - because the headset itself is tracked via Move. How can the controller tracking be juddery, and yet the headset tracking is not equally juddery? The big problem with PSVR is it is only a stereo OLED display adorned with Move led lights. The whole point of Move is it's cheap and effective. So what makes the headset worth $400? It basically has cellphone display technology, and you can buy an equally nice cellphone for less than $400 - and most of its cost is the computer, radios, audio, cameras, battery, and other tech that PSVR doesn't even have. For example, does PSVR have an accelerometer? I doubt it does, it gets orientation from interpreting the multiple Move lights on it. Maybe the Move hand controls are juddery because they do have (noisy) accelerometers for orientation. I dunno. In Canada the pricing is $549 / $699 - just too much for what it basically is, a stereo OLED display and not a lot else. Sony is a little too greedy for my taste.
Writes an article about failed hardware repacked with a device the author didn't bother to review... wastes space in my Google feed. If I wanted a review for move controllers I'd be a Wii convert from like 4 years ago. Try examining the vr headset... you know, that thing you said was a slap in the face without even addressing in your lengthy article about as relevant as not liking the Gameboy color because it's printer was crap.
I own a PS3, I own a pair of PS Move controllers. I have been hearing people complain about the tracking and accuracy of the controllers for years. If you follow the instructions and properly setup the lighting in your room as well as take the time to calibrate the Move Controllers, your experience will be as good as mine. All I can do is shake my head at yet another person complaining about the PS Move controllers failing to track properly.
Perhaps it could be improved with the use of multiple cameras? One cam would be woefully inadequate, for that type of tracking, I would imagine.