Snake Oil Baron
Now there is a good idea.
Bill Bennett
saw the interview with the inventor elsewhere his presentation was ah, ah, the machine seems like an improvement over five people standing around doing nothing that we usually see here in Oregon
Northampton, Massachusetts really needs this machine!
marvelous idea
Alex Lekander
We need these in Tucson!
Derek Howe
my city has had something similar for a couple years now...and its a POS. Its temporary fills last only a couple months before they break, and the pothole is back.
Our city just uses it as a way to make the roads temporarily better until a road crew can come and do it the proper way. Which is to use a concrete saw and cut out the bad portion, remove all the debris, place rebar in it, and fill the hole full of concrete.
Douglas Renfro
I imagine it would seem to be a POS if it were filling potholes in concrete with asphalt. It's pothole season here in Alaska, might be worth trying. Doubt it would beat our two man teams though.
I'm not a Luddite but this looks like another cause of unemployment... what will the people who've been laid off because the council bought a few of these do to fill their time? I suppose they could be employed to maintain the vehicles!
And the removal of loose material by compressed air seems a bit risky as flying stones would make nice dents on passing vehicles/pedestrians.
Send a couple of thousand to Australia. We could keep them going for years. We also need bigger ones that can fill in holes 3 and 4 times bigger. Some newer freeway and tollways have potholes and they are less than 10 years old. Actually we need better built roads across the whole country.
Perhaps a stpid question, but why not inject a stabiliser/adhesive into the hole first to impregnate the surrounding edge, which stabilisers the edge and provides adhesion of the new material. Tar, mrely provides an adhesion to the old edge surely with little or no penetration. Funny how I envisage a machine similar to what is used to repair the glass windscreens - clear debris from hole, cover hole and evacuate, impregnate with resin, fill hole with more resin or an injection moulding style fill, move to next hole. Perhaps when Plasticrete becomes reality or something.