Can that thing even fly? It looks kind of fat.
Sean Moore
Design ques from a Klingon Battle cruiser?
Oded Ya
according to aviation experts, no it can't. it's looks like a bad mock-up http://theaviationist.com/tag/q-313
Jeremiah Jordan-Fields
I think it looks neat.
AliSina Naghibi
it fly,and pass many tests.
Assuming that the engine is of a much better designed I believe it will fly and be remarkably maneuverable (In other words almost fatally unstable) and I doubt it will be even transonic. Stealth? Not a chance.
Ofcourse it fly it passed a perfessional 1000-hour test
Based on how it looks, it can't really fly, or if it does, it flies really, really fast.
Oleg Fialkovsky
Looks like one-way, suicidal mission, cruise missile. Does not need to be that much manoeuvrable, just fast and undetectable. Actually, not that bad DELIVERY solution!
Bas Klein Bog
Anything will fly, given enough power. Look at rockets, although question is whether they 'fly' in the pure sense of the word. Add some protrusions resembling wings to that rocket, and a digital flight system to overcome instability problems and you have an airplane that 'flies'. Have this done by people who have an above average understanding of aerodynamics, electronics, mechanical- and reverse engineering and you might end up with something that would pass for a modern fighter aircraft. Also, the flying capabilities of a platform for weaponry is second in importance to the weaponry itself, meaning anything that flies and can deliver an advanced weapon is valid. What is surprising is that Iran didn't go for a pilotless platform (UAV) because the pilot nowadays is more of a liability than an asset.