The amount of time energy and effort to make such a bad idea appear workable scares me.
Mark A
@ slowburn - exactly how much time and energy does it take to scare you? The idea is good why not let them test it? The taxi example is especially worthwhile.
Freyr Gunnar
Besides, it's not like we have lots of options to run cars with no gasoline.
Mark, don't take Slowburn seriously, he's opposed to everything technological or mechanical on this site. With little to no actual stuff to back up his claims of suckiness.
One might call him a troll.
Charles Gage
Is this means of battery charging energy efficient, or just convenient?
tampa florida
Next they can incorporate these devices built into the street itself. This could be used at red light signals where people do the most time stopping and have a dedicated electric lane for electric cars only.
i think i like this company.
Stephen N Russell
Link to Tesla Motors for sure & bring to the US. Must for CA state alone. Be huge for EV use.
Bill Bennett
Foiled, LOFL, yes he is that way always, consistent.
re; Mark A
Tens of thousands of man hours.
re; Freyr Gunnar
Why do you want to?
re; Foiled
Being apposed to battery powered vehicles because of the high cost and low range does not make me opposed to everything technological or mechanical.
re; Charles G. Gage
Less efficient than conductor contact but safer and more convenient.