Racqia Dvorak
It's amazing watching this technology mature.
Mr. Hensley Garlington
Mmm...so much potential!
"(put simply, where interfering wave functions from surrounding atoms cause the collapse of quantum states)..." LoL. No. Put simply would be "because the particles are so close together, they interact, destroying any potentially entangled states."
Every time I think quantum computing is around the corner (10 years) I realise how little far we are in understanding, seldom mastering, quantum physics. I feel that with the current advancement, however great, consumer quantum computer won't be here until 50 years in the future.
Old: "A chicken in every pot." New: "A personal GPS tracker in every-body." The last vestige of "socialist" care for one's fellow human being, i.e. the elderly, in the form of Social Security will be obsolete by then. No problem, personal tracking will replace personal identification.
Encrypted online voting, or "Uber Voting" could allow us to cast a secure vote with a touch of a cellphone or computer key. Already a safer voting method than throw away paper ballots and hacked voting machines, quantum entanglement could make encryption even safer.
"Uber Voting" can allow us to vote on a continuous fashion, not just every four years, on any and all proposed laws. It would even allow citizens to propose laws and have them voted on. Such a system is being successfully used in Barcelona.
Improvement on encryption like quantum entanglement will make secure encrypted voting a no brainer. No amount of voter suppression or money in elections could subvert such a democratic process.
"...The majority of the crystals..." ...this surely should have been "The majority of the photons"...
The implications of the "entanglement" phenomenon are truly "mind-boggling" in my opinion...are we not suggesting "infinite speed"...? ...and how might that be expressed in nature... I believe a fundamentally new way of understanding "everything" is approaching...
@ezeflyer the problem with good voting systems, is that the voter is usually an idiot. You can't improve society by pandering to the whim of the majority at every turn, which is in essence doing what the media dictates, since it's them who tells the voters what to think anyhow.
Peter W.
I feel the use of the term "size of a blood cell" is kind of ironic in that if you look for quantum effects in the natural world, I've always believed that twins who experience each other's pain at exactly the same time across cities and even across countries, is some kind of quantum effect. This happened recently at my wife's work where one sister was having a baby in Perth and the sister here in Canberra felt the pain of birth. I'm not a scientist but it is an intriguing thought.
Don Duncan
christopher: If voting took power away from the rulers, it would be outlawed. But I won't bow down to any rule, majority rule being just as bad as any other, possibly worse. As for the MSM dictating, most are govt. school brainwashed puppets of TPTB, passing on the myths that enslave them, unwittingly. The higher you go, the more awareness, but it is of no consequence without ethics. Clinton sold his superior intelligence for power & sex. JFK used his ethically, became a threat to TPTB, and his end was a warning to all who would challenge the US Empire. Change will only come by mass enlightenment, possibly from the 'net. A new paradigm of voluntary social interaction could be the new norm, and non-violently realized by people who have simply rejected institutionalized violence. Why not? Species survival hangs in the balance.