Now that is clever! If this works as advertised then the billions that have been spend on stealth for the future will have come to nought.
This technology probably won't be seen for a good number of years. 1. It is very complicated 2. It will be expensive 3. The longer they can keep it under development, the longer the money flows in.
Yes, but can it nullify a Klingon cloaking device?
The processing time for quantum interpretation is likely to be long compared to near supersonic, supersonic, and hypersonic travel rates. I think it will be difficult to hit a moving stealth target accurately by this technique. Quantum computation could be used, but such computation does not occur at infinite speed as sometimes represented. Statistical measurement of quantum States is usually required. That takes time. They might improve it to the point of being effective in a hybrid system, but it will be challenging. I think stealth will still retain some advantage. It will be interesting to find out!
Douglas E Knapp
Even if this tech was in the fields today it would not mean that the money spent on stealth was wasted. These radars are likely very large and massive. This means you can't just put them in the noise of an f 35 or any other plane thus the planes will only be able to see each other if the ground system sends them the info to them, not good when you are trying to get missile lock. Having these massive systems is not likely to happen in many war theaters. Of course I could be wrong and the computer and radar are small and light but I bet not.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
The most valuable achievement of the B-2 is large composite airframe.
Very interesting. I would have like more information as to how they do the filtering. How do recognize that an incoming photon has a pair?
The description makes it sound as if one might be able Not even collect any incoming photons - simply examine the entangled particles to determine what the partners have ‘seen’.
Leonard Foster Jr
In a conflict one of the 1st systems you take out is Radar you make em Blind USAF Retired.
Only one problem I see with concept/article. It's either a giant flashlight or it's radio waves. Photons are light and Radar energy is made up of electrons. Which is it?
Why not just apply a neural net to normal radar to filter out the noise?