This is more like self-fulfilling prophecy. They wanted to shown that reality does not actually exist until it is measured, they did it, by choosing the words carefully. It's called measured only because somebody checked the result. If I hang an weight from a spring I might measure it if I would check the spring deflection, otherwise it's just an physical interaction. But in both cases the "reality" is the same. Therefore: ...this means that if one chooses to believe that the atom really did take a particular path or paths, then one also has to accept that a future interaction is affecting the atom's past. "The atoms did not travel from A to B. It was only when they interacted at the end of the journey that their wave-like or particle-like behavior was brought into existence," ... "It proves that interaction is everything. At the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not interacting with it.”
Shawn Corey
First of all, quanta are not particles; they are waveforms of probability. Thinking of them as particles leads to foolish speculation, like them travelling backward in time. Second, we already know that entangled superposition is part of the dual-slit experiment. All this study does is confirm it. None the less, confirmation through different methodology is always a bonus.
So if a tree falls in the forest and noone is there to hear(measure) it it doesn't make a sound!
John Sweet
they still have to prove that the particles moved and did not exist in both places
This sounds like they think that their experiment is forcing the atoms to choose between behaving like a particle or a wave. However, that is impossible. At the quantum level, all particles will always behave as both particles AND waves all the time. You aren't changing the behavior of the object just because you use a measurement technique that measures a wave-like characteristic or a particle-like characteristic. The object is still both a wave AND a particle, you are only choosing to measure part of its behavior. If things don't exist until they are measured, then there would never be any pre-existing things to do the measuring. If the model you are using to try to understand a system has weird paradoxes, that should probably be a clue that the model you are using is flawed.
This sounds like a version of what’s commonly called “Metaphysical Solipsism”. It says there are no mind independent realities. Don’t confuse it, though, with “Methodological (a/k/a Epistemological) Solipsism”. It says one cannot observe what’s disjoined from one’s mind in anywhere near the same sense in which one observes what's joined and interior to one’s mind; therefore, all one’s knowledge of mind independent realities is INFERENTIAL knowledge, which is to say what conclusions our mind’s experiences imply. Even Einstein adhered to that principle. See pg. 290 of “Ideas And Opinions” where he states that “Physics treats directly only of sense experiences” and, speaking of “even the concept of the “real external world”, adds it “rests exclusively on sense impressions.” It never ceases to amaze me how greatly some depreciate inference and insist only observation has any significant value. EDWARD N. HAAS (79) – HAASWOOD, LA Originator of Esoptrics: The Algebraic Logic Of The Mirror a/k/a Dynamic Mirror Theory = the only theory describing in detail where time, space, matter, energy, and locomotion --- in non-spatial “indivisible chunks” (Prof. Brian Greene “Fabric Of The Cosmos” pg. 491) --- come from at an ultra-microscopic level far below Planck time (c. 10^-43 sec.) and space (c. 10^-33 cm.); thus, for time, c. 10^-95 sec., and, for space etc., c. 10^-47 cm..
the one thing they are missing about the so-called “wave-particle duality” is that the wave part has never actually been observed it is only inferred from the behavior of the back wall during a dual slit experiment not only has the wave never been observed (again, only inferred), it could never be observed the moment you try to observe it, you find a particle and what’s more, it seemingly always was a particle, having created a back history in our universe of its existence when it could not have existed at that point it is a paradox it makes no sense i would liken it to the pixel that generates a computer game the pixels have nothing to do with the physics in the game (motion, gravity, etc.) but they are the foundation in which the game exists
Jerry Peavy
Quantum entanglement acting over time?
I wonder whether this all has to do with our limited understanding of the nature of time. The experiment and theory both refer to "before" and "after". It simply can't be just observation because if then nothing could happen without some kind of observation, which makes no sense.
It proves again scientists do not..reason as said Plato about mathematicians.The title is a junk: by "reality" is meant always: na object (to measure), a measuring device and the perfomer of an experiment. Idiots mix an "object" with "reality"; plus they do not know (majority) what is this object, an microbject(an alectron, photon,..) or the set/bunch of them. Riciculous and shaming for today's science!