My China made dollar fan-assisted broiler works the same way.
Randolph Directo
Looks like a broiler with vertical heating elements, but there would be less acrylamides and toxic isomers due to overheating a vat of fat; it's also 1000 times healthier than killing your essential nutrients in a microwave oven. (Real Chefs don't use microwaves.) My only concern is the "specially prepared frozen foods" intended for this radiant fryer.
Isn't this merely a process of vertical grilling?
OK, so it enables both sides of an item to be cooked simultaneously and hence in half the time but it hardly seems worthy of professorial research.
Fryer? It's a broiler. Using "fry" in the name is a sales gimmick.
I've started microwaving my burgers. Just put the patty -- frozen or unfrozen -- in a glass bowl salt and zap for a few minutes. No fat except what's in the meat. It browns and has acceptable flavor. No carcinogens from overheating the meat.
Nothing tastes as good as a flame grilled burger but microwaving works if you just want food to eat.
Tony Smale
I thought the use of oil was the immersion in a great conductor of heat... the same batch of deep fried fries takes 10-15x as long to cook in a convection oven. How fast is this in comparison to deep frying? I have no speakers so I don't know if this is answered in the vid.
How is this new? The Char-Broil company makes two electric and one propane oil-less turkey "fryers". Easily purchased (this time of year) at Home Depot.
Bill Bennett
it is a broiler, I just watched two in action at The Gyros House Mediterranean Grille,, burp, they use
@ Randolph, I understand your first statement about overheating, but most of the evidence that I have seen indicates that microwaving is superior to other cooking methods as far as preserving nutrients.
Yes radiant heat, as in infrared, just like the Charbroil products that I'll be using on Thursday. Broiling has long been the mysterious, healthier, cousin of frying or grilling. Hey, it looks like a big toaster. Works like one too. Unfortunately, no hot oil to fend of the Barbarians or Mongolians. But at least I have speakers.