259 kg traveling at 160 kph??? On a mixed use cycle/pedestrian path? No way. This should not be classed as a velomobile. It needs to be registered and restricted to driving on the road with cars.
will take a good e-bike over this any day. You sit higher and can use your feet for balance if running on the motor.
Robert Bulthuis
this is not very new, or
Idea, great. Price, uuurrrrkkkkk!
This looks like a cool concept.. *looks at price*... nevermind.
I don't really expect something like this to be cheap but at $40k it costs more than Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf and doesn't come with the $7,500 tax incentive that a regular vehicle would have.
Outrider USA makes decent Y config hybrid trikes for about $10k. They are smaller (
Vadim Romanovich
This is the perfect vehicle. I hate it when they come out with nice concepts that can only do 25 or 35mph. Being highway ready is awesome! Finally a solution for when I can't ride my motorcycle or bicycle in the winter or on rainy days. If or when you make a $10k version, let me know, I'd love to own one!
I already have one of these, a Quest with electric motor. I've had it up to 65 mph, but it was a little scary. I've since improved the rear shock. 1. Make the wheels aerodynamic taking them into the body. 2. The weight that you propose is absurdly too much. 3. The color black is highly dangerous. Luminous paint would help. 4. It should be much better lit up with very big LED's, EL wires. I recommend an LED covered fishing rod high enough to be seen from an 18 wheeler cab.
Germano Pecoraro Designer
This vehicle has several contradictions: 1 - the mass / weight is excessive, 2 - the fairing aerodynamic advantage in part only at the front, while it is a problem with the side wind 3 - the pedal assisted bicycle is a contradiction, because then you always travel motor 4 - on the contrary this architecture vehicle is suitable for a city car "we say sporty" (in the forms) 5 - the front wheels is better carenarle with fender 6 - the lights are brought out of the bodywork like of insect antenna 7 - I we would see a vehicle or hybrid electric propulsion and not to pedals 8 - There is an intrinsic defect configuration front-tricycle: there is a danger of rollover
I think this is an amazing accomplishment for an "out-of-his-garage" inventor to achieve - wow! And so much is right on this - in particular his original vision: a year-round commuting electric vehicle in which you can also get some exercise. The estimated price is very high, something that I think could be made more realistic with a little creativity and the right partners (anyone at Zero listening?)
Two thots: it really needs to have at least limited (and controlled) tilting, so that it will lean into corners a bit. Secondly, Mr. Kronfield needs the right partners in this. I'll reiterate Zero motorcycles... if he was able incorporate their drive-train technology and manufacturing efficiencies, the price *surely* wouldn't be that much more than a fully-loaded SR. And think of the performance numbers he'd get! Likely close to double the range, and top speeds wouldn't be an issue at all! And keeping the trike configuration, registration remains in the motorcycle realm. It would be a frickin' thing of beauty! Then, add a few practicalities, such as a set of voluminous-yet-sleek panniers, and he's got gold!
(Note to Mr. Pecoraro above: the front-trike layout is far more stable than a rear-trike design for rollover stability! Add in a tilting chassis, and this sucker would rock! Look up the European "Tripendo" cycle to see what I'm talking about!)
Why would anyone in such a vehicle WANT to go as fast as a car? All it takes is one good hit and both vehicle and rider are toast.
Something like this might be OK out on the salt flats, but in the real world, it's just an accident or death waiting to happen.
But experimenting is fun and a great way to learn new lessons...keep at it!