IMO, it would fall into the category of 'more money than brains'. To the very very rich, it might be a bargain but not for most. Even though it seems over priced to me, it is still very cool.
There's not a wave in the world that would justify that price.
Jay Finke
OK: how do I order one ?
Michael Z. Williamson
That lion looks like something a third grader did.
Brian Mcc
That fin wouldn't last five minutes of real use.
I think I'll wait for the $500 knock-off.
I'll wait for the $50.oo knockoff. This is again another pie in the sky outrageous product that Gizmag is so enamored to bring to the public. It may be fun to look at but stupid to want or even contemplate.
OK admit it's for that stupid sheik that will buy anything.
Love the board pity about the strange looking lion on it completely ruined it for me.
Chuck Clark
Surely was meant to be an April fool's joke....nothing justifies that kind of a price tag except some maniac child-man who made it out of wood no less....solid gold would not be that expensive...just stupid. Period. IMHO!