Mark in MI
I started to wonder what kind of body armor they might wear other than the Master Legend steel plates, thinking: hmm, would be useful for some of these guys to have some simple armor to wear under outer clothing, then I saw the cup in the first picture. There ya go.
Tom Phoghat Sobieski
Everyone wants to be KickAss
Joshua Kramer
As I read this article, I was like... *really*?
What do these, uh, \"heroes\" hope to do or defend against? Do they *really* think that slingshot is useful for *anything* in an urban setting?
What\'s going to happen when one of them encounters someone who is really serious, and the \"hero\" finds himself on the wrong end of a .45? You\'ll need some serious shielding and defensive moves for that. A taser or even a light weapon won\'t work here. And then if you use your 95mw laser to blind the perpetrator he will come back and sue you for all you\'re worth.
Or what happens when there\'s an undercover cop making an arrest and one of these yahoos mistakes what he\'s seeing and tries to \"intervene\"?
Seriously people... Stuff like this is just ridiculous and is going to end up getting somebody killed.
Nick Rowney
Yo Joshua, you need to lighten up dude. And as for getting someone killed have you ever looked at hand gun deaths in the US, people are getting killed every day.
Now is indeed the time for Super Heroes.
Rlsh Geist
We certainly DO realize that someday one or more of us will be killed while using absolutely legal offensive and defensive armaments. And, unlike our police, we\'re not paid to do this.
I might venture to suggest that that\'s possibly what makes \"Heroes\" a deserving part of the media-prescribed title, \"Real-Life Superhero.\" We know what might and eventually will happen.
And Mark, just to be clear My Friend, Mark Millar\'s very fun and over-the-top comic and movie, \"Kick-Ass\" copied US. Not the other way around. We\'ve been doing this for quite some time.
I suspect that he even used well-publicized fact (the briefcase in the graphic novel) that I was well-known for selling my comics to fund my Real-Life Superhero exploits.
Nice article, Ben! Thank you for your kind attention.
All My Best, Geist
Rlsh Geist
Oh, and Nick... Thank you, Man. I appreciate your support.
Kawika Heftel
This is seriously cool. Keep up the good work, guys.
Del Greg
They look more of a villain to me (:
Rlsh Geist
Heya Del Greg,
I understand what you\'re saying.
On the one hand, we want to strike fear in the hearts of criminals, ala The Shadow, The Green Hornet, or whoever inspires us, yet when cameras aren\'t present, I patrol with my mask down around my neck and walk into Ronald McDonald House or various other charities with a smile and an armful of toys or other needed items. We have the whole dual-purpose thing going on.
There\'s this:
But also this: ______________________
And if you want to learn more about us, there\'s also: and The book \"I, Superhero\" recently available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, etc. (No, I don\'t get a cut, but I did become friends with the author during the course of the interviews / exploits and hope to see him do well.)
I fully appreciate the questions, comments and even the criticisms of the RLSH movement.
It\'s a weird and large concept to \"get\" and we know that. And, there are a lot of pre-conceived fallacies about it, too. It takes a lot to wrap your brain around it. I can\'t say that I did in a week or two.
All My Best, Geist (Geeze, I hope you don\'t think I\'m spamming your site, but I do want to respond to questions and issues if I\'m able.)
Thanks to all the RLSHs. You are the inspiration that this world needs to become a better place.
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"