"teledildonics" laughed my head off until i saw that it already had a wikipedia entry - and coined in the '70's. We are so very in the future now. I want to know how soon can I use this to make money. Nothing like debasing yourself from the privacy of your own home for easy cash.
Evan Frickel
Has to be the best and funniest article I"ve ever read on Gizmag. Please write more of these...highly entertaining and witty.
Geeze, a video would have been nice.
Lewis M. Dickens III
This thing wasn't designed by Johnny Ive was it?
Biomorphically it is horrible looking when in fact the vulva can be exceptionally beautiful and erotic in itself.
From an architect's perspective... back to the drawing board.
I'm impressed with the apparent great efforts Los went to in order to fully research this; It seems he may have had to test it with dozens of girls!
Shirley Meier
This is lovely... except I hoped to see Part II being about the women's matching version so her man can please HER. Its all about the guys, isn't it?
You should point out that the device by itself is an inert lump of plastic, rubber and metal. They are really selling the services and there is no DIY option.
Joel Detrow
^ I have to agree, Shirley. I can imagine a setup where each partner's device is stationary such that they can interact with it and move it around as appropriate, such that whatever the man does to his device is emulated with the woman's, and vice versa. This would apply to general movement, pressure, vibration, and even changes in size and thickness. Paired with a set of head-tracking VR glasses such as Oculus Rift, it would be the best tradeoff between realism, cost, and complexity that couples could BOTH enjoy.
Craig Jennings
Is Durex about to expand it's "anti-virus" capabilities? Thanks Loz, putting your tackle on the line once again.
Hmmm, sex w/o the worry of making babies or getting STDs. Is this not cheating on one's wife?