If it also has a good energy roundtrip efficiency - much better than lead acid, then it can compete with li-ion for residential and industrial storage
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ln3FeRfnt0M High voltage waterbased battery
Just goes to show you the holy grail is out there we just need to spend more money researching things and never take anything for granted!
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
This is the stuff the world needs. Our global Lithium supply is overstretched as it is, and we don't need more new applications that puts more demand on lithium. I'm looking at you, Powerwall.
Dan Parker
Sounds like the original Zn-Mn batteries just needed a desulfator. They work well for extending the lives of lead acid batteries.
In the United States solar is become affordable largely due to two factors; the cost of the photovoltaic keeps dropping dramatically, and the thirty percent federal tax credit right off the top. the federal tax has been extended five additional years beyond this calendar year.
I talked to Pierre, EE, in Toronto about tax credit he said he has not heard of any. In addition to federal there are many local credits. check out http://www.dsireusa.org/
this shows a map of the U.S., click on a state it shows the federal, then the state, then the municipal credits.
Down the road I am going to buy electric dirt bike. the chief holdup is battery, and by the time I buy it the motorcycle will fit my budget.

If you cannot afford solar at this time, you can still benefit from the battery. the price of storage is key to the cost of electric vehicle. second, some areas the cost of power depends on time of day, and with cheap storage you merely charge the batteries at low power rates and use at high power rates.
Please bring this to market. Please, soon.
Manganese - most people don't even know what that is....
Stephen N Russell
Mass produce, awesome, for A-Z
T N Args
The headline would be more attractive if car batteries weren't so darn expensive these days!