Every year Red Bull events travel to the far-flung corners of the world to show off extraordinary human achievements against truly incredible landscapes. This year was no exception, with stunning spectacles including Daniel Riccardo driving an F1 racing car across the San Francisco Bay Bridge, and cliff diver Orlando Duque jumping off a massive iceberg in Antarctica.

Over the past twelve months Red Bull has continued to demonstrate its potentially insane obsession with staging extreme sports events in extreme geographical locations. This year's highlights included a parkour romp across the iconic canal of Venice, a massive Ironman competition off the coast of Brazil, and some exceptional helicopter stunt piloting against the gorgeous backdrop of Arizona.

Alongside that, we also saw some transcendentally absurd stunts of the like that make you glad there is someone crazy enough to fund such ridiculous shenanigans. One of our favorite crazy expeditions involved a floating skateboard mini-ramp on a frozen lake in Finland. This involved a disc being cut out of the ice so the mini-ramp in the middle revolved while the skateboarders performed their tricks.

Orlando Duque's Antarctic iceberg cliff dive was another of those impressively insane achievements. This mission saw the team to hitchhike to Antarctica on a scientific vessel, find an appropriately safe iceberg and deal with the life-threateningly freezing water temperature.

Take a look through the gallery for a trip around the world featuring remarkable human feats in spectacular locations.

Source: Red Bull

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