"When resveratrol is converted into the piceatannol compound, which naturally occurs after consumption" Resveratrol is also available in grape juice. So teetotalers should also be able to take advantage of this. Darn it, FDA, hurry up and approve resveratrol supplements.
If you want to loose weight - leave it on the plate! No one ever got fat from eating broccoli 3 times a day either. Is abstinence that hard to practice? It is definitely the cheaper way to go!
Dave Andrews
If abstinence is not your norm, then yes, it is indeed that hard to practice. Take something you love and you've had all your life. Try to stop it. Now on top of that, take something you really don't like at all and replace your loved something with that. See how easy it is then. I agree with Gadgeteer. The FDA kills people by trying to be so damned safe, and they still get it wrong all the time! The FDA's system of approval is broken and people die as a direct result every single day. New treatment and drugs are approved far, far too slowly in the U.S. and it costs lives. The number of lives lost due to the FDA's slowness well exceeds the few lives that would be lost by considerably ramping up the approval process. Neither is ideal, but the losses by too fast of an approval process are more tolerable than the losses by too slow of one.
Vern Schulze
Donwine: You are forgetting some basic facts of human evolution. Gaining weight (fat) is a long ago developed instictive behavior with very important survival value. All mammals seem to share that behavior because it works. Prior to the adoption of agriculture, virtually all animals, including humans, went through periods of plentiful food interspersed with periods of food shortage. The ability to gain weight helped guaranteed survival until food became plentiful again. It is only in the last 10,000 years that this survival mechanism (weight gain by accumulating fat) has become a significant health problem. Thinking that we can overcome millions of years of evolution by eating brocolli is wishful thinking at best. It's time to realize weight gain is a product of our evolution and will only be overcome through intervention by things mentioned in the article above.
Gene Jordan
"The losses by too fast of an approval process are more tolerable than the losses by too slow of one." This is one of the most naive and selfish comments I have read on Gizmag. It is rather easy to say this unless you know a person who had died due to the FDA testing not being thorough enough. The FDA is giving their approval of something, therefore could be held liable if a side effect is caused. They have to eliminate every possible outcome, not just make sure it does what the creators proclaim that it does. In this case, the writer of this article should have explained why drinking red wine/grape juice or eating grapes doesn't provide the same effect in people. I don't believe that the answer to obesity is ever going to be found in a simple pill.
Well said Dave Andrews. And donwine, your problem is greater than the fat people you hate.
You've heard it said that if it taste really good - it's probably not good for you. A person can be lead by taste (which is what the food industry sells) or you can judge food by what you want. I don't like tobacco so I don't smoke. I do not want to get drunk so I stop when I feel the effect kicking in. I don't use drugs because I want to be in control. I eat for nutrition and enjoy it. Life is all about what you want. Priorities need to set early in life so making good decisions become easy. We are not doomed by "evolution>"
Walt Stawicki
I'll drink to this news.
To Donwine, If abstinence and exercise was easy then obesity would not even be a problem. Piceatannol or resveratrol may be promising but unfortunately the alcohol in wine and the fruit sugars in grapes make sourcing these compounds from red wine, grape juice or even grapes less effective for slimming; particularity if obesity has made you diabetic. I wonder if these compounds are affected by heat; when cooking with wine the alcohol is mostly lost and dry red wines are low in sugar. Perhaps the resveratrol is concentrated (it seems like red wine boiling in the picture above). Red wine is supposed to be good for you in many ways including an excellent source of anti-oxidants.
Dirk Scott
Isn't the brain largely made from fat? Chemically inhibiting fat cell formation might make you real stoopid too. I lost quite a few pounds once. Plump middle aged ladies would latch on to me at parties and enquire, furtively, what my weight-loss secret was. I would look them directly in the eye and say "eat less". Their looks of crushed disappointment were priceless.