Tony K
It's an interesting approach, although it is has the same modular approach as the TREXA EV concept that was posted in 'Gizmag' (New Altlas) on Jan 30th and Feb 10th 2010.
GM has had this same design on the books for 25 years....
Edward Vix
Almost everything covered, except no provision for cabin air conditioning and heating, so that would be outside the module.
The success of modular technology is hugely dependent on adoption from major manufacturers. Technical viability is just a start but, it is good to know someone is pursuing this.
History Nut
Didn't GM have a similar looking concept several years back?
Interesting approach and we all know that the old way of making cars is obsolete and stupid, dumb, idiotic, moronic and more importantly--greedy.
Greedy because all the current auto makers want to lock us in forever with their incredibly lucrative money making filth that requires constant maintenance, fossil fuels (whether FCEV's using hydrogen from natural gas or basic ICE cars), etc.
I hope their concept bears fruit and out with all the old auto makers.
Don Duncan
3.1415: The old manufacturers will change (evolve) or die. New tech will not depend on (wait for) them.
Hyper-super cool. Where do we sit?
I think this has a lot of potential. It could be something that a person or company that makes car bodies could use as a platform. It is something that has happened in the past. It resulted in some unique vehicles.
Looks like they have the suspension on the wheel side of the steering knuckle, which is definitely not common. This allows them to reduce a movement on the driveline, so they only have to account for vertical displacement. I imagine something like a schmidt coupling allows them to drive the wheel and keep the motor from being unsprung mass. Very interesting.