"Error: TOILETPAPER.SYS not found - (A)bort, (R)etry, (I)gnore?"
Brendan Dunphy
Bill Gates can't make up his mind when asked what dip he wants with his stool....
Mike Hanlon
Congrats on a great headline - in the olden days, you'd have been the toast of the newsroom
Interesting invention, but I think the old latrine does a better job, with a small fraction of the cost
Ross Jenkins
Nice one mooseman. Whatever you do don't hit ignore, the resulting rash will sting more than the price you paid for the toilet.
Good for the Gates Foundation - looks like they are trying to do things that make sense. This is a great one but still a bit too technology-heavy: solar cells, batteries, controller, and there's even a filter that looks like the ones that need new cartridges every so often. To make a difference on a global scale, it will have to be far simpler, cheaper, and needs to be done without supplies such as filters, or batteries that will only last so long. Good start, but keep working.
I thought M$oft already did this with Windows 8.
Leave it to Bill to bring S**T to the meeting.
Something from "behind the curtains" There is an Israeli company PAULEE CLEANTEC ( who invented a brilliant ingenious device called "ashpoopIe" which turns dog's poo sterile and smell free. In a few seconds this ash can be left anywhere with no danger or harm. What we found out that parallel they are also developing ingenious CAT LITTER BOX which is based on same patent. More than that, the company has signed a JDA with one of the biggest international firm in order to develop those devices which hopefully will come in to the markets soon. It seams that based on same patents (which were already allowed in the US and Europe) and some new ones, the company is working also on developing some applications regarding human waste and can fit portable toilets for boats, yachts, aviation, trains, motor caravans etc and also can be good for summer houses, livestock, kennels, animals shelters and more. What I also found out that this company won recently $110K paulee cleantec Does it all mean that we are going soon for better, cleaner and healthier world ?
JA Larson
I'd think the acquisition cost and maintainability would be criteria as well? Composting toilets are simple and cheap. Field sanitation is a serious problem and a major health hazard. Open pit latrines contribute to disease distribution with flies and groundwater leakage. The next issue is how do you clean hands after defecation assuming there is even any TP? First person in contaminates the flush handle, etc. The Army had a CSA-level task force looking at early OIF problems. Basically the military uses burn-out latrines in areas where dug latrines don't work well.... the burn-out latrines create their own problems. Mixing diesel, gas, and human waste then lighting it has predictable errors (resulting in medical evacuations). These problems are magnified by the many small Forward Operating Bases (FOB) . Watch the Afghan documentary A division is roughly 20,000 folks (a small city) so physically processing the waste can be a very large problem (aside from the health risks). These issues are not limited to poor countries. Large natural disasters (e.g. Katrina) and some areas of the US need these kinds of solutions.