May 25, 2009 Most users have come to accept the new Twitter-style Facebook home page - but one thing continues to infuriate: all the annoying quiz and application updates in your news feed. But all is not lost if you are sick of learning "what Simpsons character" your friends are - here's a quick and easy way to make those annoying quizzes disappear from your news feed.

What follows is a simple and trustworthy script installation that takes only a minute or two to complete.

You need to be viewing Facebook using either the Firefox or Chrome browsers. If you're not already using one of these, it's worth giving them a try.

Step 1) Install the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox, or the GreaseMetal add-on for Chrome.

Step 2) Install the Facebook Purity script (click to install).

And that's it. Facebook Purity blocks all messages from any applications created by external developers, and tells you exactly how many it has blocked. Once it's running, you can turn the blocked messages on and off in your news feed with a single click. Simple, beautiful, sweet relief.

Thanks to Kuneri Bloggy.

Loz Blain