Inspired picture editorializing.
As i'm reading the end specialist (or The Postmortal if you're american) this is interesting news. Although how plausible putting this information into a virus as a vector is yet to be seen...............
I will be watching this space for more news ! No doubt the 1`% will earmark the lot for themselves !
Len Simpson
My 84 years experience leads me to believe that lifelong proper diet & exercise would accomplish much the same thing, although I am not a shining example. My Dad never abused the bod , succumbed to prostate cancer age 97. We both easily avoided A T & D,s
Where can I get glycine supplements?
Gotta love the model. Seaweed and rice in a dish.
Nelson Hyde Chick
Great, as if there are not already too many of us, guess going to have to raise those projections that humanity will peak at eleven billion.
Kevin Ritchey
The trickle-down theory means a death sentence for us but maybe not so for our children. Stay tuned...
Wait, glycine supplements are already available. Does that mean that hey have to be administered in a different way to make you immortal, or if I take them now will I get younger?