The riders look rather crouched and tense.
Bob Stuart
I don't understand why these things need two wheels, given that the platforms are well below the main hub. They could easily fold up for a handier unit. There are whole bicycles at 2/3 that weight.
Kudos to them for originality. Does look like a bit of a strain on the lower back though for long distances!
The poses and the riders' facial expressions give the sense that balance is tricky and falls are frequent. Just stating the impression, that's all.
Why didnt they use a much larger front wheel? Didnt the inventor ride a bike in a city 1st. Many streets have ruts,potholes and many other obstacles etc, as soon as you hit one on this bike, bang, you are road kill
Jon Smith
Sometimes ideas are just bad and should not go any further as in this case yet every once in a while they do and it is a mystery to me. Just look at the comments previous to mine the most positive was that it is original.
OK, we have a first! An interesting invention which isn't priced up there with the Unobtanium Clad Cervelos. Yes, $300 is a lot for a scooter-thing, and $700 is a lot for an electric stooter-thing, but these are so much lower than the rest, I applaud Gauswheel for their offering. I'm guessing that these handle potholes and bumps like a skateboard, where the rider jumps it over them? Very unique uni-skate-scoot, guys. Kudos! I hope you do well and drop prices when you can.
The experts in the video were all going downhill, so it seems like a reasonable mode of transportation, but let's see them struggle up a hill or better yet do the tour de Tucson on one. At the very least it needs a 6 or 8" pneumatic tire up front for the potholes and a skid plate on the rear. Put the carrying handle midway in the calf channel. And brakes need to be standard... I'm not about to do a sideways snowplow on one of those... pavement isn't nearly as forgiving as snow is, and I've wiped out plenty of times learning to ski.
Prices range up to $659 for better-endowed models. That must have been the one in orange.
Usually a new product has appeal but this thing looks like a sure trip to the emergency ward. Not one of the models riding seemed comfortable and it appears that it can't go in a straight line because everyone was always weaving. Would not even want to try it for fear of breaking an arm or worse.