The Skud
Are you sure that model designation should not be WTF? As for photography, I would feedback Hobbico and suggest to include a Bluetooth chip and transmitter link to a smartphone dock or small receiver and LCD screen built into the controller, then you or a friend could keep an eye on what was happening up above.
Shaun Young
@The Skud There's always someone who thinks they know better. Off you go then, make your own quadcopter that has that built in for the same price. There's a reason why this doesn't have a video TX... Also not sure where you're getting the WTF from unless you're unfamiliar with the acronym for Ready-To-Fly (RTF).
Joe Sobotka
I've been flying RC for quite some time now. It displeases me when people call Radio controlled items a "toy". RC "toys" I consider junk, meaning anything less than $50. Those are junk and toys, and you're unable to replace parts and in most cases the battery as well. Other than that a very informative review.
Joseph Mertens
Sell them to the military at 5,000 a pop they will think it's a deal!
The Skud
Reply to Shaun Young - Why the venom? Even the writer commented on difficulty taking the exact photo wanted (direct quotes lifted from above) - "The best tactic I found was to just drift towards a target, hammer on the photo button a few times, and then choose from the multiple shots later." and - "Capturing images is tricky and relies a lot on luck,"
I wonder what level of cost escalation come into play if image stabilization mechanism was added. I have read right here about a number of manufacturers adding this feature to low cost snap-shooting type cameras.
Mervin Liew
For the average hobbyist this is really cool. Should see the videos done by the professional quadcopter and hexacopter production studios. Specifically the videos filmed using the DJI S800 Hexacopter mad! Check them out
FrankNitty II
I love to see my fellow Tech Heads like myself debate about technology and watch the words fly. (Laughing) My review is simple and to the point. I've had this 1SQ V-Cam since July 5th and I've been testing what it can do and what it can't do. To put it mildly, this quadcopter is not all that stable as per the description. Out of the box, the remote's trim was all set to center. With that being said, this copter should have lifted upward with no right stick action. My first test didn't go as well as I expected because I believed what the box and manual said. I got experience in flying 6CH 3D Heli but quadcopters are new to me. I used the same safeties that I would have used in a session with my 3D Heli. The first test and I still laugh to this day, I took off and it shoot off to the right crashing into the wall. (Shaking my head). As time went on, I tried everything from checking the blades, Motor Boom, to relinking the transmitter. None of that worked. I'm sorry but I have to give this quadcopter 3 stars and that is because of its durability. To me its not worth the money.
Dr. Pete
Well written review. Binding and setup with a favored transmitter, in my case a Spectrum DX8 with the required AnyLink radio adapter and AnyLink LiFe battery and cable is not as straight forward as might be wished. The flight control setup wasn't so bad - swap the sticks, reverse the servos - but trying to find the magical switch combo for the still and video channels has been challenging. The information god of Google has helped but had not proven to be definitive in answering specifics. If anybody has cracked the code, sharing that info would be helpful. The flashing light indicating camera activity is useful. With the RTF supplied transmitter, notice that when switching from video to photo and back, it seems that an initial press of the desired button switches modes, and a second press starts the video recording (continuous flashing LED) or photo (one LED flash after a fractional second delay). I haven't yet been able to duplicate the camera's response using the DX8. Thanks again for a well written and informative review.
David Wang
This is a great quadcopter for people who want to experiment with a quadcopter before paying for a quadcopter 10x more expensive like the DJI Phantom 2 Vision ($1k). You can bang this one up a little - the controls are close enough to a bigger quadcopter, that when you switch, you'll be flying the bigger one like a pro.