Excellency Neckbeard
Sure! Get the new iPhone 6! Feature complete clone of the Nexus 4 from 2012. Nevermind the Note 4, VR, bitcoin, etc.... Especially for that price! You'd have to be nuts to go with an iPhone at this point over pretty much any of the latest androids. Terrible value.
Performance in low/dim lighting is one of the biggest issues with cell phone cameras I have because mostly every digital I have ever owned did fine in vibrant outdoor environments.
PhoneArena did a review of the cameras on IPhone 6, Lumina 1520, S5, G3, and M8 and the iPhone 6 did an impressive job. I'm a long time user of Samsung phones (I have had almost every Galaxy line since S1) but the S5 did pretty terrible in low lighting and the M8 did pretty terrible everywhere.
In good lighting it can sometimes be hard to even tell the difference in cameras but in dim lighting the difference between good and bad is enormous.
These 3 thumbnails give a sample of the iPhone 6+, S5, and Lumina 1520:
The 1520 uses the a "20 MP Pureview" camera, It might not be quite as good as the camera on the 1020 but it certainly destroys the G5 rather convincingly here. Here is another sample of S5 vs the 1520:
Even the Phone 5 seemed to stomp Samsung in the test. Honestly, maybe Samsung needs to focus less on how good ~500 ppi looks on marketing documents and more on fixing their camera.
David Simmons
Dude really? Are you totally blinded by your 'Apple FanBoy' stickers that are over your eyes and ears to understand and create an unbiased/honest review of this technology?
'Almost Perfect'? Where's inductive (re)charging? Non US characters? Exorbitant cost vs value - oh wait, it DOES have that?
Doesn't take much to annoy a Fandroid
Dave Weinstein
I have to agree with Mr. Simmons.
Almost perfect? Ummm.... NO!
It's not even close. Specs that match up to the Nexus 4 from 2 years ago!
You're absolutely crazy if you think that these devices will attract ANY Android users to switch. The only one's running out to buy these things are Apple's installed base.
I love articles like this one for no other reason than to watch the Über supporters of the various platforms come out with insult guns blazing.
It's almost as much fun as joining in on an Atheist vs. Christian debate...almost.
On a more relevant note, how is "almost perfect" a valid descriptive term for a review? I'm not asking this against the idea of perfect is subjective to each person. I'm asking this against what scale perfect is being rated.
It seems that with each iteration of a given phone there is a review similar to "almost perfect" but what is it actually based on? The latest version of a given phone addresses, I hope, the perceived shortcomings the out going version of the same phone so it is deemed to be "almost perfect" and, when it is time to retire this latest version, the same will happen with the newest version in that it will address the shortcomings of its predecessor and will be deemed to be "almost perfect".
It almost seems that humans have allowed themselves, at least when it comes to their phones, to be dropped into an infinite loop.
Fast Amir
Haha what a fantasy article...How much was that worth!! Almost perfect except for the fact: Bends like a banana and cracks Battery drains superfast iOS - hmmm great fun New release of technology available 2 years ago!!!
Gome on guys whh you talking about... Pretty soon you will be hearing the dreaded words 'Apple recalls iPhone 6/6Plus)
Don't know how you allow for printing of this type of biased article.
btw Not a Sammy fanboy just a technologist.
Brian M
Wonder if Apple will be suing Samsung for copying their bigger phone and lack of rounded corners- clearly a first by Apple!
Certainly be suing TV makers for the use of a curved screen !
One of the most bias articles i have ever read, comparing an Iphone 6 (£600 brand new phone) to a older cheaper mobile phones is NOT how you review products.
I am really disappointed gizmag, this is a really terrible review.
Stefan Padureanu
You can write whatever you want, the truth still remains: the newest iPhone from apple is sub-par when compared to other smartphones and overpriced, at the same time.