You could compare it to Campagna Motors V13R
They gotta be kidding targeting that price range! It's hard to see the value there, dropping that kind of change on fun/sporty. If some quick thinking entrepreneur simply hooked up a lightweight front end to the drivetrain of a maxi-scooter or Zero SR, and brought it in under $12k, they'd have the teenager/millenial market locked up. They're looking for cheap, eco-friendly and practical in addition to the fun/cool factor. (Remember the very first CRX? Think same concept, but on the cheap.) Could knock it out of the park, then. This? I'll take a low-end Civic for that price, thanks very much.
IMHO, there is nothing that needs to be between car and a motorcycle. "Tricycles" are too wide to split lanes, or fit neatly to the side of a garage, and all these "excitement" toys are too pricey to be flooding the garages of a great percentage of population.
Island Architect
Yes, way too expensive for a Star Trek version of the Morgan 3 wheeler. Way too much overdesign nonsense here. Both are way overpriced but lots of dangerous fun. The Morgan is a true historic vehicle with clean lines. Bill Allison, the suspension designer would be wagging his finger at you and warning you about the dangers of 3 wheelers. If you saw Cars, you saw Paul Newman in his Hudson Hornet design.
You'd think its too expensive for a toy like it is, but where I'm from, I said the same thing about side-by-sides (off road vehicles). I dirt bike and some friends have 4 wheelers and couldn't imagine ever having a SBS. Super expensive for what you get, yet everywhere you look they are selling like hot cakes. I think it's priced right for what it is. I'd be looking for some kind of roof or rain protection option if I'd look at this for an option compared to a motorcycle. Also, wouldn't a good comparison be the T-rex? Are those still made?
It needs front wheels that tilt with a back wheel and body that incline when cornering by swiveling on the front section.
I don't care how you dress it up. A tricycle is a tricycle, and as an "old skool" biker, I wouldn't be caught dead on one. They look like a thing a lawyer or a dentist would ride. They look about as stupid as a harley rider with both feet on the ground at a light.
I think that is really neat. It is a little expensive for my budget. If I had the money, I would get one. There are other similar three wheel cars at this site.
Jeff G
Its a great idea. According to most motor vehicle laws any motor vehicle with less than 4 wheels is a motorcycle and is exempt from automobile safety and emission laws. I expect prices to come down as more companies enter the market and volumes increase. It would be a great second car especially if someone comes up with something similar with a removable top and some weather protection.
Total new idea, nothing like the T-rex, morgan, vortex, trimagnum, tuvie energya, Grinnall's Scorpion, Campagna, FireAero, G-Max, cyclone, or host of less speedy ones, like Elio Motors. Yep, nothing like a fresh concept, maybe they can make it all electric, oh wait that would like the aptera...