an amazingly effective protective device. I wonder how much this system costs ?
Good analisys of its inner workings.
George Krooglik
Impressive...but, what if the \"enemy\" simply hosed the vehicle\'s sensors (some or most ) with a sticky gel or similar..would this not disable or confuse the sensors thus making retaliation unreliable or ineffective ? What I\'m suggesting is the equivalent of OC spray or mace in that the sprayed substance on the sensors \"blinds\" the system ?
Could this be its Archilles\' heel ?
Marcus Carr
If only we would put so much energy into eliminating the reason for anyone firing an RPG at us in the first place...
David Gwaltney
Counter-measures could be engineered to limit the system\'s effectiveness. Assuming a soldier had access to a mechanism able to reliably defeat this protection; which would he rather carry? The counter-measure, that would only work against an AMAP-ADS equipped vehicle - or - additional RPG rounds? The RPG rounds will work in many more situations. Utilization of an anti-ADS mechanism only becomes practical if the enemy deploys the system in large enough numbers and you have resources for dedicated anti-vehicular hunting.
I suspect that a 20mm cannon with a nice high rate of fire gets through rather quickly.
Saeble Lyghter
try multiple warheads targeted at the same side = one shot protection gone, armour left to try to do its job, RPGs are cheap... easy enough to sic a team onto the asset you want to take out, once you know you can no longer single shot them
much smarter to invest less than half the funds into educating clothing and feeding the so called insurgents.
Fascinating comments and a very educational guess at how it works.
Knowledge Thirsty
Marcus: if giving up your wife, son, or daughter was the only reason for that RPG was aimed at you, would you comply?
Saeble: do you really think the insurgents want education, food, and clothing (btw, the cost of educating anyone is fr more expensive than you think)? And what if the cost of feeding, educating, and clothing them meant not feeding clothing and educating your offspring, would you still be so eager to offer it?
It\'s a cruel world by nature. There is NOTHING Man can do to change this. This fact is why we build these instruments of war.
I disagree with you Knowledge Thirsty. We can make a better world. But with that said, there will always be people who violently put there wants before everyone else. And seek to impose their wills on others with weapons. Insurgents? Would you call the Germans under NAZI control insurgents? They invented the RPG.....