Mark Gilbreath
I can see this being used in decorative wall sconces. And the fact that it basically 'Docks' itself during an outage, is a definite plus.
Bill Bennett
Bitchin' I want one
A great application of existing technologies! Full compliments to the author for declaring that there is no new science here, just new ideas in applying same. The popular media has a way of running away with headlines (god particle anyone?) - so my hat is off to Paul for telling it like it is. Accurate science reporting matters.
Kudos to the kid. Cool effect, nice application of existing tech. I like it.
it's cool but I don't think I could convince the apartment upstairs to install a huge electromagnet in their lounge
Buzz Knapp-Fisher
this would look good in our eco trailer
and people don;t want to live within a mile of power lines what would the electric field be in here, about 1,000,000 times as much?
Jansen Estrup
Frank Herbert's globe light - nice job!
Mark, by "docks itself" do you mean that it drops to the floor? Am I missing something there?
Karl Dulle
Nice, My first thought was what happens when powered down? But the self docking feature is way cool..