looks like this may well see the light of day,,,,very nice indeed !
Designed by a 23 year old and it looks it. UGLY!!!
Walt Stawicki
Many of us were sent to study hall detention for the unscholarly crime of sketching this car, or its spittin image...way way way back the day, talking midcentury here....
You should NEVER call another person\'s baby \"ugly.\"
I have to agree with both Robin and Walt. 92 Kwh battery capacity. That\'s my house\'s electric budget. For a month.
I would happily park this wonderful car in my garage.
I have very little good to say about electric vehicles but if these spec\'s are even remotely true I could forgive a LOT of ugly. I won\'t be to surprised if it fails to meet hardly any of it\'s objectives or even if it never get\'s produced, BUT if it does come to fruition and works out like they say then I\'ll be the 1st to congratulate them. :-)
Why does a regenerating AWD electric car need so much brake?
Mr Stiffy
I like it - more or less - very streamlined etc..
Trouble is that with being tall, I think perfecting the running \"feet first\" jump through the hatch in the submarine, may be in order.
Michiel Mitchell
Ugly???? where's yours? oh yeah right! you are still busy with it! what where you doing when you where 23?