Great Message. Go zipping at high speeds down urban sidewalks. Unfortunately, the first child who runs out of a building, not expecting to be slammed by a 100 lb electric bicycle, is dead. I found this ad terrifying.
The Skud
We get enough head-on collisions between trail bikes now, let alone letting these loose on tail ride areas! Without enforceable "one way" direction limits more deaths or injuries will occur as 'silent' bikes suddenly appear around a corner.
Holy Crow - flippin' relax people. It's just an ad for crying out loud.
Anru and The Skud pretty well summed up my reaction to this ad. Except for one thing, the young woman didn't wear a helmet. Or does the manufacturer consider that unnecessary in urban areas?
why is this better than a regular motorcycle for half the money?
Walt Stawicki
it cant get legal in u.s.a. because no hack is required to get it over the kegal ebycyle speed limit. plus....utility? zero zip nada
With the seat back like that and no rear tire protection, that bike is just itching to bump a rider off the seat, onto the rear tire, and put his sensitive parts in a pinch while abrading his butt which is now the rear brake.
Al Mayberry
The bike looks good, the film could be pretty good--I agree with the comments about encouraging raging down busy street, sidewalks and bike paths is what will get bikes banned and keep the 15 mph limit in EU. I have three ebikes and friends with them for years. We almost always pedal while motoring--often vigorous peddling. This film NEVER shows that--it always shows sitting on yer butt like a motor bike and then gives a text message that you can pedal it with no motor. The most common and useful way to ride an ebike is to pedal and motor at the same time. What a clueless marketing film that diminishes the marketability!!
if it were going for two grand we would all buy it in a micro second.
Guido Muldoon
Cool bike! I'll wait for something more practical with the same or better performance specs and a price point in the 1.5k - 2.5k USD range.