Roger Wildermuth
$300 for a Ring/Watch with a non-replaceable battery that lasts 3 years; think I'll pass on that one.
Very nicely executed idea, and very innovative. However the designer may not have done much research on rings. There are over 30 different sizes of ring - some people have little stick fingers, others have big fat sausage hands - so they'd have to design many different sized versions of this for it to be commercial. It's not like a wristwatch where you can adjust the strap, or a bracelet than can be worn fairly tight or loose - you don't want your £300 ring watch slipping off. It also looks very wide indeed in that pic of someone wearing it, which would make it uncomfortable to wear, even to the few who fitted into it.
Aussie Bob
Looks good to me and I would buy one if it fitted ok. I love gadgets no matter how "useless" they are :-)
I like it but it's one third too wide for me.
Vincent Bevort
Just after seeing this for the 1st time you want to have it but after reading about the livetime and price it becomes a NONO
Τριαντάφυλλος Καραγιάννης
They could make the seconds ring inductive and charge the watch by having the user spin that ring. Charging the clock with your thumb would then become very easy. One other unwieldy thing is that you have to search for the active minute around your finger... which might look rather odd to bystanders... (especially if you keep the ring on your middle finger). A much cleaner (and simpler) implementation would be one or two miniature bright LED displays, dark when inactive, that would make a nice contrast with the frame's aluminium colour and they would light up when the user touches the device (again I'm in favour of the thumb activation, either on the screen or at the back of the clock).
Bob Stuart
How does it know which direction to display in? A little crown would at least keep it oriented on your finger. I was kind of expecting a mechanical device with rotating rings to squint at.
Vic Steve
This is interesting but i still think the Kinekt Gear Ring is better.
Lora Kling
I love it and I want one.
Amazing engineering. To all the nay sayers, why comment. You do not believe it is worthy of purchase move on without commenting. Owning an Altiplano and some other interesting pieces, I find this time keeping device spectacular. As well the price is modest.