For clearing debris magnetic dragging allows for interacting with electrical conductors without actually touching them.
No mention of power requirements for rate of rotation or moment along an axis vs rate. Suppose from a longevity point this system is superior to gyros.
Savin Wangtal
@Nairda I'm guessing pure electrical power won't be a problem in space, seeing as the sun is always shining there. Gyros can stabilize and turn one satellite, but does not allow interaction with another. Therefore, you can't rotate the whole group like you can by linking them with magnetic field. But the point on rate of rotation is an interesting one. I wonder how fast this thing can turn the structure (especially once you link multiple big ones together).
Straight out of Area 51.
Jason Brown
Calling this "propulsion" isn't completely accurate. It is more of an Electromagnetic Attitude Adjusting teather. EAAT for short. If you could come up with a technology that used the acronym ONION, you could have EAAT ONION RINGS. You would have no problem getting corporate sponsorship for this technology. Burger king, Jack in the Box, Karls Jr, all competing to make space exploration a reality.
Stephen N Russell
Can system be retrofitted to satellites today & applied to Manned space IE Orion system alone & Sky 1 Spaceplane from UK?? Awesome
Barry Doyle
Seems that all the locked secrets of Tesla are being released for selective science. They wouldn't dare give the people free energy that was developed by Tesla because the Rockerfeller's and Govt would scream in anguish and shrivel crying foul that the people don't deserve it.
@ Savin Nay Wangtal Solar is a pretty low density energy supply it might not produce the kind of wattage necessary.
The Skud
I wonder what effect a decent solar flare would have - inducing too much current by passing through the wire coils perhaps? The idea of these things shooting off at a tangent perhaps causing collisions or worse, interfering with vital satellites is not good. There is too much debris up there already.
Kerry Smith
Love the Dewalt battery pack on the units! And I am filled with admiration and respect for the young people conceiving and building this system. They are turning science fiction into reality. What a great time in history to be alive to see such things.