Build a 4x4 van on this platform and it would be very interesting. The only downside I see is charging in remote areas. RV parks won't let you pull that kind of current, and I can't imagine a worse place to run out of battery than off road somewhere. You can't just bring a few gallons in with a buddy's Jeep, or a tow truck. I do look forward to the day where an overlanding campervan runs for 1000s of miles on a single charge, can heat and cool all day and night silently, run a fridge and hot water system, that would be amazing. It will happen someday.
Perhaps a possibility for emergency range extension could be a small petrol-powered generator and some fuel?
Even though this sounds counter-intuitive, generators working at their normal most efficient pace are a lot more efficient than a petrol engine directly powering a vehicle.
Run your generator for 12 hours and recharge your vehicles battery.
Essentially you'd have the option of turning your full-EV into a hybrid for long trips when you're not entirely sure you can recharge.
I much prefer Bollinger's approach to utility with it's pass thru gate. You can haul any length items along full length plus with red flag haul up to 24' long items. Try that on a Rivian.
Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the charging issues. No solar panels to deploy? Why electric kitchen? Charge from campfire heat? I also see having a generator available that runs off some kind of fuel as well.
Where are the solar panels? joseph448, I like the way you think.
If those range numbers are accurate (!) a few kwh should get you out of most problems. That would be about a cab roof worth of solar cells for a couple of days.
The Dometic dual fridge/freezer combo in 75quart size uses 1.3Ah/h @ 12v, which is about 375W per day. A mere pittance compared to the stove. I hope Rivian can keep their prices down. They'll sell a sheetload of the things, both in RV and other mode.
It would also be a generator that's only in use during long road trip, which would make it better than a normal gasoline car in terms of pollution.
Adam D
The Dometic CFX Powered Cooler (Fridge) only uses 1Ah/h. So it will have a minimal impact on the R1T's power supply.
I would like to see a trailer equipped with about 25 square metres of fold-out solar panels and a storage battery that can be towed to your base camp in the wilderness, then set up on site to collect solar energy during the day and then run the barbeque and charge you EV at night.